Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Finds & Randomness

Meet my latest find and newest edition to my photo props.
Sometimes things are just right in front of my nose and I don't see them. This chair was. My sister and I recently went to a flea market, where I picked up a few small things for photography; a vintage piece of lace, a small blue cup, and a wooden bowl. There was a wire basket that I looked at and then put back. Later I wished I'd bought it, so I decided to make a return trip. I picked up the basket and started to walk away when I saw what it had been sitting on!  This sweet little child's chair. I love it...pealing pain, wobbly legs, missing pieces of wood, and all! I finally got a chance this week to photograph it for a class (Be Still-52) I'm taking with Kim Klassen. Our focus was on allowing room in our photos and our lives so that we can breathe.
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It's rained every day this week. In fact, it's raining as I type! The rain has left the pasture damp and with the warmer temperatures the mushrooms are sprouting.  I have never seen one like the one on the bottom right.  It looks like a marshmallow sitting on the ground.

Some days I don't know which way is up!


Arkansas strawberries are in and they are delicious.  I made strawberry freezer jam this week. I refuse to tell you how much sugar the recipe calls for!  We'll ignore that fact! I'll just have to walk an extra lap or two when I eat any!  I love to make pancakes on Sunday night and strawberry jam is the best topping there is!

One of my azalea bushes has just now bloomed. It's never done this before, bloom later than the others. Did it want to be noticed so it bloomed by itself or was it just waiting to soak up all this rain?

I found some different seedpods yesterday.  In each of these bell shapes there are several tiny black seeds just waiting to be scattered by the wind!

I'm going to be a little scarce for the next week. I'll be spending time with family. I hope each of you have a great weekend!


  1. Oh what a super cute little chair, the only problem I would have with this chair is that I would have to get down low and then I know how long it takes me to get back up. It isn't a pretty site, that chair is best left for someone with good knees in photographing like you. I always love your mushrooms.

  2. Oh the flag reflections in the water are just fantastic Cathy!! We've had fresh strawberries this week too...yours look soooo good and juicy!!!

  3. Your photo of the little chair with the wild roses is beautiful - love the combination of the pinks and greens and the neutral chair - and that negative space. Perfect! Oh, the strawberry jam in making . . . can almost taste it on my toast! Enjoy your time with your family and I'll look forward to your next post.

  4. A lovely selection of photos, Cathy. That child's chair is so sweet and a wonderful photo prop. I love your composition.
    Gorgeous azaleas in your garden too. Freezer strawberry jam! I've never done that, it sounds interesting! Great shot with the flag reflections! Enjoy the time with your family.

  5. That is one sweet school desk! And I love the flags. :-D But your azalea photo is outstanding! So ... I'm back from family visits and you're just going away. Have a great time ... and we'll catch one another when you return. {PS - It was nice to be missed! I shall miss you, too!}

  6. Great finds. Love the chair!! Our strawberries are behind this year, as everything is, so hopefully they will just be getting started when we get back from our two week vacation up north.

  7. Your chair is adorable! I'm struggling to resist buying things just for photo props, but it's hard...especially when I see treasures like this one. I love the flags photos. I was trying to figure how you had moved the duck to the other side when I realized that of course he was a reflection, too! Have a wonderful week with your family.

  8. Love the chair and the flowers! Great find! Pretty Photo!

  9. I love the child's chair. Just perfect for all sorts of photographs. You just never know when you will run into something by accident that you can't live without.

  10. The little chair is precious! I would love some of the strawberry jam!

  11. What lovely photos...but I want that chair! Didn't I see it first??? (wink)

  12. Glad you went back for the basket! Love that tiny chair - beautifully photographed. And your mushroom collection is quite amazing - so alien looking, especially that marshmallow :)

  13. What a great find! I love your chair. The reflections are so pretty, and I laughed about not knowing which way was up! Have a nice weekend!

  14. Great finds! I enjoyed them all, especially the adorable little chair. Lovely photos!

  15. Oh I love that chair and the composition of that photo! It emphasized the smallness and sweetness of the chair and the flowers are a perfect touch. Also, I am fascinated by mushrooms - wonderful captures! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. oh my gosh Cathy... i adore your little chair...and the photo is just so sweet... beautifully done!!


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