Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Finds and Randomness

I am not a flower gardener!  I have shade gardens with azaleas and hostas which are easy-peasy and not necessary to tend in the heat and humidity of summer!  BUT, I do love flowers (those that requires little attention) so, I add some pots here and there for color! I finally made the trip to the closest nursery to buy my annuals and found these petunias. I've never seen this color before. Sometimes they're dark like these and sometimes the blooms are more yellow with deep burgundy stripes. They're right by the door where I can enjoy them each time I'm in and out!
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Next comes the randomness!
Topping the list this week is my grandson Josh. Josh is seven (one of the twins) and has an amazing talent for music. Yes, I'm partial,, but it's true. He's only been taking lessons since January and is breezing through his piano book. This past Sunday he had his first recital. He was able to play a song he loves, Beethoven's Ode To Joy. I took this picture of him when he was practicing his piece right before we left. At the recital he played beautifully; never missed a note or missed a was perfect!! You can tell that he enjoys music and feels it in his heart!  He brought tears to my eyes as he performed.  We are so proud of him! I think they'll be investing in a piano before too long!

This is my daughter's flower garden.  Her peonies are always gorgeous! There's also water flowing into a rock pool complete with fish! It's so pretty and peaceful.

Now, for some things that caught my eye this week. Have you ever noticed that some older buildings and monuments use the letter "V" for the letter "U."  In case you've ever wondered why, according to Scrabble Help,  "At one time, in the Middle Ages, the U and V were very closely related and were commonly used in words, that would seem backwards to us now. For example, Upon would have been written as Vpon. This was slightly due to the fact that there was no capital U in the alphabet. However, as this changed, the U and V were changed and the distinguish between the consonant and vowels." And, now you know! 

I spend another day traveling Arkansas in search of courthouses. I now have taken pictures of 49 of Arkansas' 85 county courthouses. This is a project I started several years ago and it's been such a fun adventure. Most of the courthouses are in the older downtown areas and I never know what I'll find like this pretty mural. This is only one small section of the mural that told the history of Harrison, Arkansas. I really like the old rock building in the background, too!

I love to walk down alley ways in the these older sections of town. You find great textures and a few surprises! I spotted a heart in the crumbling wall of a building.
 I leave you with this scene which made me laugh!
Just look at mama's expression! I'm sure she's saying, "Honey, you have something on your bill. You must be neater!  Our little one watches everything you do!"

To those of you in the States, have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!
To everyone else, just have a nice weekend!


  1. I want those petunias have never seen such as those, awesome, you talking about your grandson just brought a smile to my face. Love your daughters yard. Have a wonderful holiday weekend Cathy

  2. What a fun and interesting post--a little of everything. Cute grandson--I hope he sticks with the piano -such a nice skill to have. Lovely petunias, too, and your daughter's garden is lovely. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  3. What lovely images. Visiting from Be Still 52.

  4. Music is great for kids, I'm glad your grandson is enjoying playing. Love your courthouse project idea too!

  5. Wonderful find and great random facts, they all put a smile on my face.

  6. Lovely petunia and your daughter's garden is incredible! But your grandson stole the spotlight this post!

  7. I love your finds and randomness each week - you always bring such interesting facts to light. Your heart find is quite lovely - all that gorgeous texture.

  8. I've never seen petunias that dark. Great find! Your randoms this week seem even more random than usual...and interesting as always. I love that heart in the crumbling wall. You do have a knack for finding them wherever you go!

  9. I love the picture of your grandson practising his recital! Those peonies in your daughter's garden are wonderful and I love the randomness of the graceful stems! The ducks made me smile too. Have a lovely long weekend!

  10. Lots of great Randomness. May I just say that Petunia is fabulous. Love the colors.
    How exciting that your Grandson love music and is doing so well with his Piano lessons. Coleen has another recital coming up June 2nd. She seems to enjoy it but isn't as dedicated to practicing as we'd like her to be but they say if you push them too much they will lose interest so we are just going with the flow so to speak.
    Cool looking mural and great random heart find. Also I'd love to sit a spell in your daughters garden.

  11. What a fantastic project photographing the court houses. I am sure you are finding many great treasures. Congrats to your grandson, he looks like he is ready for the real deal.

  12. Love the photograph at the top, it really caught my eye as I scrolled through my reader. I take photos of crumbling walls as well, much to the amusement of my family.

  13. How exciting it is that your grandson has found an interest that is so satisfying and rewarding for him. I love how intent he is!

    This week's post is the first one I remember that you've identified your pursuit of courthouses. I'm usually on the lookout for Carnegie-funded libraries. There was one in my hometown--in fact it's still there, though I believe it's now part of a much larger building. I'll be there later in June and am hoping I will be able to discern the original from the new.


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