Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Without Destination

Going without destination.
Walking only to see.
Discovering new and interesting pieces of Arkansas.
That's what I enjoy.
This week's walk found me in MacArthur Park located in the heart of  Little Rock.
It is the city's oldest municipal park, established in 1892.
The park was named in honor of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who was born in an arsenal building nearby.
 A quiet section of the garden honors Arkansas' missing children.
 A little further down the brick promenade is the Contemplative Garden that surrounds a lovely little pond.
 Around the pond there's quite a variety of ducks and lots of them!
 Ducks who like to stroll down the promenade showing off their brilliant colors and fine feathers.

For some reason, this guy liked me. The rest of the ducks just ignored me when they realized I didn't have any food. But this one, he followed me for quite a while. I thought it rather strange, but his wings stayed out all the time.

Even the littlest of the ducks were strolling along the brick walkway.
Following mom and dad to the wildflowers.
There were ten of these fuzzy little ones.
Quite fun to watch.
The ducks seemed to have more of a purpose than I did; to eat and swim.
Me, I just enjoyed the quiet stroll in a lovely park!
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  1. What a fun walk. I'm looking forward to some cooler temps so I can stroll Galveston and the beautiful Victorian architecture!

  2. You must have felt refreshed after this walk with so much beauty around and to have the attention of the locals well now that's special....

  3. Well, an interesting walk - you and your feathered friends :) You always find such interesting places to wander.

  4. I'm glad I walked with you... without destination and only to see through your lens.

  5. I just love when you take us on walks.

  6. I think one of my favorite exercises I did with Kat's class was something like this without destination. Because I think you can usually find a lot interesting when you are not looking as you have, love that first shot of the path.

  7. I love all those ducks, especially your tag along. Great walk as always.

  8. What a walk. Loved seeing the aging brick pathway. The little ducks were on the move and you sure got a great spot. Maybe the following duck was protecting your backside while you were shooting pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

  9. Hello Cathy, I enjoyed random strolling with you. I think maybe not having a preconceived destination helps us truly see the landscape.

  10. Thanks for this lovely walk Cathy, especially since I didn't get to take one myself today. I especially love your little "follower" with his wings up...so adorable! A very lovely park you found here!

  11. What a great park you chose to take your stroll in. The ducks were wonderful, such interesting colors. The babies are always so doggone cute.

  12. I like the idea of seeing only to see, of choosing to enjoy the moment without expectation. It seems you found the perfect destination for it as well.

  13. It looks a beautiful park - your photos have a very peaceful feel to them. And I love the little fluffy duck!

  14. What a beautiful place...you captured it well.


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