Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Picture Everyday ~ Week 3

Every day's it treating you?
Do you rush through it or do you seek and savor the moments?
The class I'm taking with Big Picture Classes has helped me slow down and savor the moments. It has also shown me how to appreciate the little things in my everyday life. This week's theme was about places; where we go, what we see, and what we do. I don't have a fast-paced-explore-the-world-exciting life. I live a simple stay-close-to-home life and I thoroughly enjoy it.
Our first prompt was
I am bragging a little, but I have a new vehicle to drive and it's so fun! My old car was twelve years old and when the air conditioning went out, we traded. So, yeah, it's fun to go driving now!  In the console is everything I need, a camera, my wallet with cell phone, and my sunglasses. I live simply and rarely carry a purse.
Sometimes when I take off on a drive, there's a specific destination. On this particular day, I had another destination in mind, but it didn't work out. I changed my plans and wound up at the Arkansas Art Center which had been "yarn bombed." It's was fascinating the way it was artistically arranged. I can't imaging the hours spent for this project. You can see more images here.
I visit our public libraries quite regularly. I liked the fall colors in this book jacket. I'm ready to see trees full of color. There's a little color showing now, but not much. I heard that it may be the first of November before the color peaks here. When I uploaded the picture I noticed the words on the book behind it. Looks like that book is about a photographer. I need to get back and check it out; might be an interesting read.
I love to take road trips and explore the back roads of Arkansas. I wish I had been able to go in an explore this old building. It was a general store in Chism, Arkansas. I was only able to take a peek through the door.

My neighborhood consist of woods and fences. The woods are my special tromping grounds, where many of my nature photos are taken. The fences, well, they don't hold anything in or out. They were useful long ago, but now they are just fun to take pictures of. That's our home on the left and barn in the background.
As  you go about your daily life and the places your go, pay attention to your surroundings and you might be surprised by the everyday beauty you've been missing. You don't have to be a photographer to appreciate the beauty of everyday.
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  1. congrats on the new drive, I traded in on a new one also, it feels good to have a new one to drive. takes a while to get use to or at least it does for me. Love all the prompt photos.

  2. You are doing such a great job with the PE prompts! I've kind of 'dropped out'. But I've enjoyed seeing your take on all of it. Very well done.

  3. How fun a new car! Let me know what that book is, it sounds interesting!

  4. I loved all the shots but the fence with a leaf hanging on was great. Can't wait until life slows down for me. I almost stopped two times to take a photo and I didn't slow down. Tomorrow I will. You have been an encouragement to me. Thanks sis.

  5. What a wonderful lesson about taking the time to savor our everyday moments! I love the leaf caught on the fence and the lovely decrepitude of the old store.

  6. I live simply too and my car is 20 years' old, but it still gets me where I need to go to escape life in the city.
    Libraries are a lovely place to visit and allow us to dream a little away from our everyday lives.


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