Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Due to unforeseen difficulties I wasn't able to go anywhere for a photography walk this past week.  The transmission in Mr. H's truck went out so he had to use my vehicle to get to work.  Now, I don't mind at all being home all week, but I did have to get creative for my Weekend Walk. I walk the same road every day for exercise, so I decided to take my camera. My goal was to see what I could discover that would be unnoticed if I were driving down this road.
Here's the top eight finds of the week.
1. spider webs
2. bare limbs against a beautiful blue sky
3. playing card

4. muscadine
5. seedpod
6. pretty yellow flower
7. fall leaves
8. gorgeous light as I walked back up the driveway
Keeping my eyes open for unnoticed things made my walks go faster and they were less boring!
Have a great week and look for things that would normally be unnoticed.

"One can only see clearly
If one is going slowly
Quick motion creates a life-blur."
                          ~Terri Guillemets

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  1. You found beauty in the ordinary - the simple things we take for granted are often the best.

  2. The muscadine looks like a Christmas ornament and the fall leaf looks like someone started painting around the edge of the leaf with white paint. A closer look and it is a stick. You did have a very interesting walk. and the quote is something that I should apply to my own life. Slow or life is a blur. A life-blur.

  3. It's good to really slow down and see what is around us. Photography really helps me do that. Love that muscadine image and the light you captured in the last one.

  4. Love the light in the first & last shot- good plan to take the camera on your usual walk- you've captured some lovely things.

  5. How fun that we were able to see with you all that is "unnoticed" as we whiz by in our automobiles. You have captured the little things that bring such joy, when we take the time to notice them. You are so gifted at this.

  6. well you know how much i love going on nature walks with you. :) these are wonderful...i can practically feel the sunshine.

  7. You found some wonderful things to photograph. All lovely shots.

  8. Lovely light captured here, Cathy. My favourite is the spider's web because of the orange leaves contrasting with the green and the background bokeh and of course the web itself! Beautiful!

  9. You found some gorgeous beauty ... right in your own 'backyard'. Is there anything sweeter?

  10. Lovely idea to make your walk fun and interesting.

  11. What beauty, a great idea if you can't get out .

  12. I love your attitude of going to plan B when plan A falls apart....You really discovered some great finds on your walk. Great example of what we pass by everyday and miss....

  13. Love it! I went on a very similar walk today - not very far because my mum was with me and she can't walk far ... but I got her looking in the hedgerows! It was a delight seeing her joy when she discovered little things like dew glistening on leaves and spider webs.

  14. I just love the way you think and I know I have told your before love your walks. I must admit had to look up what a Muscadine was never heard of it. Now I have heard of that kind of grapes but nothing that big before. You taught this old person something.

  15. Beautiful finds and captures! Amazing how we really don't have to go very far to find's often right in our own backyards!

  16. Love these. I love the challenge of walking the same path I usually do and finding something new. The light in that last shot is just gorgeous. Thank you for taking us on your walk. Happy weekend. :)

  17. You are one creative photographer/blogger. My fave: the muscadine--it could be the model for Christmas ornaments.


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