Friday, October 4, 2013

Everyday Moments

Would it surprise you if I said I'm taking another photography class? Probably not, especially if you've been around for a while. This class is with Tracey Clark at Big Picture Classes and is called  Picture Everyday.
The focus of the class is on celebrating our everyday lives. I knew this when I signed up, but I was still not quite prepared for the prompts. The first week I stressed myself out trying to be overly creative. This is not my style of photography at all, so, it is a challenge. The second week, I relaxed some and began to enjoy it a little more.
Anyway, the first week's prompts were about the routine of everyday. We were to stop, observe and capture moments in our daily routine.
We've been dining with this silverware for over twenty years. It was the first nice set I bought.
I'll be honest...I'm guilty of not always eating a healthy breakfast. I have a morning sweet tooth. So, a little sugar in the morning helps me wake up and homemade strawberry/blueberry jam is just the thing I need!
serving up bread and butter for dinner
almond body wash on my bath puff
Reading is my way to relax and rest.

The second week's prompts were about the space we occupy.
Every morning I open the blinds and look out the window to see the morning.
It is what it is...a well used threshold. This was a tough one of me. You wouldn't believe how many ways I attempted this photo.
I piece quilt blocks on my vintage Featherweight Singer Sewing machine. It sits beneath a window for better light. You can see the reflection of the trees outside in the shiny black surface.
The oldest "seat" in our home is this rocking chair. My husband bought it for me when I was expecting our first child back in the mid 70's. This chair holds memories of crying babies, snuggles, kisses, giggles, songs, books read, and nights when children were sick and I sat and rocked them so they could sleep. It's not as comfortable as it once was, but it still squeaks the same, which is music to me.
I kept two of my grandsons this day and we like to spread toys all over the floor.
Each week we have a bonus shot, where Tracey gives us a specific day and time to take a picture. It's fun to see what everyone is doing at the same time.
Our first bonus was Saturday @ 10 a.m.
I was cleaning mirrors in the bathroom.

The second bonus was Thursday @ 5 p.m.
I was rocking my youngest grandson while his big brother played nearby. You can see his foot in the background. I wish I'd gotten more of him.
Life may be ordinary and mundane at times, but it's still my life and I'm glad I'm capturing some of these moments.
That's Life...
Feel it, Live it, Love it,
And Enjoy it.
                                   ~William Shakespeare


  1. Such lovely ordinary moments of your life, Cathy. You've captured them well. I love the window and the threshold and the story about the rocking chair and its memories. That last shot of a chubby leg and little hand wrapped round your fingers so precious!

  2. I'm a big fan of this concept -.noticing & capturing the moments around us. A lovely look into your life- sweet shot of your grandson on your lap

  3. I love ordinary moments of life! You've captured a lot beautiful moments to cherish.

  4. Every one of these photos is lovely. Your explanations make them even better. Good luck with the remainder of the class. It looks like you are doing great things with it!

  5. Your Everyday photos are wonderful, Cathy! You sell yourself short.

  6. Wow you take the most interesting and fun sounding classes. I love seeing what you come up with for the prompts. Good job. - Someday I need to start taking classes, I think it would be fun.

  7. If you were stressed that first week, it sure didn't show. You have done an amazing with all of your captures.If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be "DINE" I love the simplicity of that one, but they are all great!

  8. I can completely understand your initial resistance to these prompts - I would feel the same, putting pressure on myself to do something that would qualify as "unique and creative." But I think you did a fantastic job capturing these moments of your life and celebrating each one with a beautiful image.

  9. I want to comment on all the shots, but the most precious is your grandson, the reflection in your sewing machine is great. I like the window shot. Forgot what you call it but all the circles are great. Keep the words and the photos coming.

  10. i have so enjoyed being in class with you again cathy. love getting a peek into your ordinary life. which i think is wonderful.

  11. I love seeing all of these, some of them I missed so it is nice to see them all here. I so love that window shot. brilliant.


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