Thursday, October 10, 2013


My sweet friend Sarah from Paisley Rain Boots nominated me for the sunshine award.
Part of the award includes answering ten question that she chose. So here goes...

1. Favorite Movie?
You’ve Got Mail

2. What are you reading right now? It can be a magazine :)
I'm always reading more than one thing at a time. Right now it's:
devotional ~ One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
fiction ~ The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks
inspirational ~ Cast Of Characters by Max Lucado
photography ~ Elevate The Everyday by Tracey Clark

3.Sweet Potatoes or Russet Potatoes?
russet potatoes and throw in a little fried ham
good old southern comfort food

4. Honey or Sugar?
it’s sugar for me

5. Favorite Weekend Activity?
working in the yard

6. What decade would you most liked to have lived in?
1950’s, I love how women looked so feminine
I always wanted to wear those cool hats, too


7. Makeup or a la natural?
Mostly natural…I stay home a lot!
it's a little foundation and blush if I'm going somewhere

8. Tea or Coffee?

I don't like either
my cup is empty


9. Sweet or Salty?
a combination of both
my favorite snack is white chocolate covered pretzels

10. Thing that you are most proud of accomplishing this year?
learning to use manual on my camera
and actual using it!

Thank you, Sarah, for thinking of me.
Sarah has a delightful blog filled with gorgeous photos.
She always inspires me to get out, wander around, and capture new and interesting things.



  1. Oh my Goodness! You did such a fabulous job with this. I love, love love it!!! Your Picture Everyday class is paying off in leaps and bounds.

  2. How lovely to learn these new facts about you. Love you in that hat! There is something so feminine about a wonderful hat.

  3. Your pictures were perfect for each answer; very clever.....and I really enjoyed getting to know you better.....chocolate covered pretzels.....I love them too....

  4. oh cathy i just love this. i think we've discussed before our love of 'you've got mail'. :) it's one of my favorites too. i'm just got 1000 gifts and am looking forward to diving into it. i love her writing so much. wonderful to see these little peeks into your life dear friend. xo

  5. What a good idea to illustrate your answers with photography! All lovely images too. I love your mail box and all those lovely books to read and the photo of you in Sepia wearing a hat in your 1050's look!
    Have a great weekend, Cathy! Someone turned on the icy wind factor here. Oh my!

  6. Congrats on winning this beautiful award! I love the matching images for each answer.

  7. This was a fun post. It's always fun and interesting to learn new things about the people that you share with in the blog world. Oh those pretzels are a favorite of mine too. I tend to eat the entire bag though so don't buy them very often. I rarely wear make-up either. Just to much of a fuss if you ask me.

  8. What fun! I can soooo see you in that hat! :-D

  9. I like how you paired you answers with your images Cathy, most of your answers would have been my answers.

  10. That was fascinating and congrats on the award. Well done you for getting to grips with manual! x

  11. I am learning so much about you. I always have several books going at the same time. And all this time I thought I was the crazy one. Loved the shot of the empty cup. I knew you did not like either but what a way to photo that question. Hats, Hats, Hats, I loved that time also and I have lots of hats to show I love hats.


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