Thursday, October 18, 2012

3rd Thursday Challenge - October 2012

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I've been in a photo and blogging slump. I've posted a couple of times, but still felt uninspired. Then, I remembered it was almost time for 3rd Thursday Challenge with Brenda at How To Feather An Empty Nest. Each month she challenges us to try something new or different in our photography.  I must admit I had no clue what to do. I wasn't even in the mood for photography. Then, you know how you read someones blog and the message just seems to be just what you need. Well, that's what happened. I read Kim's post at Focusing On Life about a different technique to try. Perfect!! Something for me to do!  Along with some stunning images she gave instructions on how to take a dramatic image in the daylight creating a dark background.  I've always wondered about those beautiful dark backgrounds.
These images were taken in the afternoon in direct sunlight. I adjusted the shutter speed and aperture to underexpose the image, which means to make it too dark. My first attempts didn't get the desired dark background, but I like the colors of this one!

I also liked this one with the blurred background, a little bit of bokeh, and the tree line.

I tried again later about 4 p.m. This time, I was indoors with the sun coming in a west window and it worked much better.

 I did have to contrast a little and add a little shadow, but I was happy with them.

It's hard to believe these were taken in the sunlight!
This is just what it took to get me out of my slump!
I'm ready to pick up my camera again!
Thanks to my friends,
  Brenda for the challenge,
Kim for the instructions, and
Kelly for giving me some advice about the camera settings and the set-up she used to take her gorgeous picture, You can see it here.
Everyday I'm grateful for the friends I've made through photography. We may never see each other in person, but there is a kindred spirit among us!!


  1. What fun, Cathy! I'm glad you're out of your slump. I think I've done key lighting by accident -- it's good to know there is a science to it. I love the effects you got, that gourd looks great in high contrast. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are fabulous, Cathy. Glad you're out of your slump and thank you for the links, I'll have to have a try too. It is so fabulous to have made online friends through photography - and never say never about seeing each other in person, I didn't expect to meet Kat in person but I have now. You never know! Happy Friday. :)

  3. Cathy - I couldn't be happier knowing that the Third Thursday Challenge played a part in getting you out of your photography slump! What more could I ask for? And what a great challenge - this little bumpy pumpkin glows as if lit by an internal fire, in contrast to the deep black background. Giving it a real spooky Halloween feel. A fun experiment. Thanks so much for sharing with the Third Thursday Challenge!

  4. cathy these are amazing!!! you so totally nailed it! i love how this kind of photography really shows off all the bumps and texture of your gourd.

    i will say without a doubt that one of the most unexpected joys of photography is the the friendships i have made. thank you for being one of them. xoxoxo

  5. Hi, Cathy! Visiting from Brenda's Third Thursday Challenge. And, I think you've given me something to try for next month's challenge. Your images are amazing! I love the focus of light on the subject with the background disappearing into darkness. And, what a subject - great textures! Cheers!

  6. These images look so dramatic. What a great technique to kick-start your creativity again, and with impressive results. And yes, good friends and kindred spirits are closer than we think -- my blog is still so new compared to many of you but even so I've come into contact with some wonderful people.

  7. This is a lovely set of photos. The light highlighting the object with a totally black background is s-o-o-o dramatic. Thank you too for the link to Focusing on Life--I've added the site to my blog reader so I can keep an eye on newer challenges.


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