Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morning Stroll

I'm still waiting on the fall colors to make a grand appearance. Sure, we have a few sumac trees that are a glorious red and a few other colors appearing, but it's not near it's peak yet. I'm waiting impatiently I should add, so I carried my small camera with me on my walk this morning. I really don't do that very often, I tend to stroll and stop to often instead of keeping my heart rate up!!  I made an exception today though, I'm still a little tired from the weekend away from home so a stroll sounded extra nice!
I looked for color and discovered the leaves on my favorite tree are turning!  I just love the combination of color on these leaves; the bright spots of red against the shades of green.

I looked for fall textures.

I listened as the soft wind blew the leaves from the trees onto the road.

I picked up a leaf,  held it up to the sun,
and discovered a tiny heart.

I looked for something I've not seen before
and discovered this small flower stem.

I'm back, I'm refreshed, and I'm grateful for this beautiful morning!


  1. I love the leaf on the road with the sun shining behind it and the fall textures photo. This is such a special time of the year as Nature becomes alive before her winter's sleep!

  2. A wonderful refreshing camera stroll. I know what you mean about stopping too often - maybe I should leave my camera home more often.

  3. I truly hope that you have fall colors like we have had here. Even if you don't, there is still something about fall that is always lovely.

    Your photos and your words just took me right along with you on your morning stroll.

  4. You have keen eyes and a heart that is ready to accept the simple gifts of Nature. What magnificent photos. Thanks for taking me along.

  5. Love your fall textures shot - with the grasses in focus and then repeated in the background. A perfect autumn morning walk.

  6. The wind and rain has just about finished off our fall colors. Your photos are beautiful!

    I am your newest follower.


  7. beautiful fall photos miss cathy. glad you took your camera!

  8. These are such gorgeous photos. I just love the fall colors.


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