Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ August 12, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday
It's been a busy week!
It seems like I had a lot of little things to accomplish!
But, I still had time to find photos to fulfill this week's prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley Sisk.

Our clues this week were:
mobile (referring to mobile phone photos)
hanging by a thread
always look on the bright side

I definitely cheated on this one!  Our prompt was to be a photo from our mobile phones. Do you see that little zero on the bottom center button?  That's exactly how many photos I can take with my mobile phone! Zero, zilch, zippo!! I feel I need to explain! I don't use my cell phone very much. I call my daughter and my sister, because it's long distance and I keep it in my purse for emergencies. So, when I bought my phone I bought the cheapest one they had. As they say, you get what you pay for!!  Honestly, I've never regretted buying the cheap one!!  I just don't use it!

Hanging By A Thread
I had big plans for this one. I thought I could make a paper garland and hang it or I could hang a few of my photos from a string in a tree. I had big plans that never happened. I finally decided to just go with this small ball that is hanging by a thread from one of my wind chimes.

I recently drove by this beautiful lake and had to stop for a few pictures. I had fun trying capturing reflections of the beautiful trees in the water and making them into a collage. My favorite is the top left. The bottom of this tree was huge!!

Always Look On The Bright Side
With this summer's heat and humidity I'm trying to always look on the bright side and see the beauty in the sunshine. We've been blessed this summer with the most gorgeous skies and clouds. I don't ever remember the skies being full of clouds every day as they have been this year.

Each creature has it's own home. This nest was the home to a little bird. You can see part of an egg in the bottom.

I leave you with a quote...I hope you see the beauty in each day we are blessed with!

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."
                                                                                 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


  1. I completely understand about the cell phone. I don't have a smart phone either and feel like I am missing out on the whole mobile phone photography trend. Oh, well - you made up for it with your great scavenger set. Great collage - that tree is amazing.

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one w/out a mobile shot. We done good with what we's gots. I love your collage of reflection images. Well done.

  3. Lovin your set this week. I can so relate to the "Mobile" shot and you'll soon see why if you pop by my blog.
    The Collage was wonderful. What a gorgeous lake and those trees are so unique.
    Home - Oh that was so sweet.
    Always Look on the Bright Side - Such pretty clouds
    Hanging by a Thread - Love the glow of light through the little marble.

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Love the hanging by a thread, a gorgeous golden orb!

  5. LOvely collage of reflections & I think your wind chime is perfect for hanging on a thread.

  6. Wow, your collage and your home are beautiful!

  7. You have some beautiful photos! I especially like your collage of the huge trees and clouds because I love clouds and it's always looking on the bright side (well almost)with clouds. Right now the sky is gray with clouds and thunder - and boy could we use some rain to cool this place down!

  8. I love the quote you've chosen to share. Your pictures are just beautiful. I truly love the collage and the hanging by a thread shot.

  9. Wonderful! I love your "hanging" shot. Very pretty!

  10. great shots cathy! and you should be glad that you don't have a fancy phone because then you'd become 'one of those women' (like me!!) who can't go anywhere without it. ;) hahaha. i especially love your collage - the water is so still and the reflections are so lovely. perfect for your quote. :)

  11. Hi Cathy,
    I really love the first photograph.. you've captured the mobile phone beautifully :)

  12. Cathy, I'm a week late getting here. I don't know how I missed visiting last week, but I'm glad I noticed because these are beautiful. Actually, I quite like your Mobile image, even if it is a picture OF rather than BY. It's a very nice composition, a tiny still life. That glowing light in Hanging by a Thread is beautiful! And I love the bird's nest with its poignant bit of eggshell. Perfect for Home.

  13. I just love that bird's nest with the tiny shell remnant and the blue sky and billowing cloud!


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