Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exploring With A Camera ~ Repetition

kat eye view
As I get older I find myself repeating things!  Sometimes I have to just ask, "have I told you this before?"  It can be boring when you hear the same thing over and over again! Repetition can be irritating, like a song that repeats over and over in your mind! Repetition can be annoying and frustrating; it can build stress. 

What about repetition in photography?   Is it boring, irritating or annoying? No!  Is it a good thing?  Yes, it is!  Let me just quote what Kat says about repetition. She explains it so well in her latest Exploring With A Camera discussion which focuses on repeating elements.  Kat says, "Effective repetition is not just about repeating objects, but any design element like object, shape, color, line, form, light and even information, that helps create a cohesive whole in our photographs."

Here's a few examples of repetition in my photography.

repeating objects

repeating shapes like these hearts
These were drawn on the wall of an old mill.
Thankfully they were drawn in chalk and could be erased!

repeating color
This is one of those images you have to study to see what's going on! I loved it from the moment I took it. I love it for the white that is repeating several times. I'll try to explain what you're seeing. I'm looking through a window that is reflecting part of a white sign, a white column, and white houses (although I really wish the houses weren't there!) As you look into the window you see a window on the opposite wall that is white and that has a white candle sitting on the ledge. It just turned out cool to me! I think if all these things had been different colors, the image wouldn't have captured my attention.

repeating lines and objects

repeating forms or shapes

This one has multiple repeating elements:
light, color, and shape.

Visit Kat at Kat Eye Studio, check out her discussion on repetition and then click on the links below her post to see other examples of repetition in photography.

kat eye view


  1. An amazing collection of photos depicting repetition Cathy, I've so enjoyed viewing them. Your collection certainly provides me with endless inspiration.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog ( leaving your lovely comment.

  2. Great repetition shots, I like the canoes & the hearts-so sweet.

  3. Super examples of repetition, Cathy! I love the little hearts -- so sweet! And that window inside another window is fascinating. Isn't it fun to go exploring?

  4. Ohh, you have such great examples of repetition. I like the boats and that intriguing window the most.

  5. Some fabulous examples Cathy! Those kayaks look like they're just sneaking into frame and the subtlety of the creamy-whites in the window keep you searching for more. Love the sharpness of the Chinese Chequers balls (I'm assuming that's what they are) and I think the chalky hearts on the wall is my favourite as it is so unexpected!

  6. Great examples of repetition Cathy! I also see shape repetition in your reflection shot - the trapezoidal shape of the windows is repeated both inside and outside, just flipped. What an interesting image. Those chalk hearts would go perfect in my Evidence of Love series! I'm jealous! Thanks so much for joining in Exploring with a Camera this month. I always love seeing what you come up with!

  7. Love your examples and your intro really made me smile! I love those chalk hearts and the lamps/lines. Beautiful.

  8. Cathy, these are wonderful examples! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I really love those marbles. Chinese Checkers game? And that row of lights under the curved awning. And though I don't approve of people defacing public property, I'm glad you were there to capture those hearts. I really like that image.


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