Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello, Rain ~ Good Morning, Sunshine

It rained last night.
It finally rained for more than five minutes!
We got 1/4" of rain and I'm grateful for every drop!!
I spend quite a bit of time on my porch just listening to the rolling thunder and to the drops of rain as they hit a metal bucket that was sitting near by.

This morning I walked into the nearby woods and this is the first thing I saw.
Glorious sunshine beaming through the trees.
As a gentle breeze blew, it caused last night's raindrops to fall off the leaves.
I wish I could have captured that in a photo.
It was like millions of diamonds dancing in the sunlight!

I was very thankful for the sunshine
as I walked along the trail and spotted these spider webs.
The sunlight allowed me to see them.
I'm so glad I didn't walk right these webs! 
Just looking at them make my skin crawl.
I hate to walk into spider webs!!

I'm amazed at how the little spider can spin it's web so beautifully.
Look at this web.
There is a hole caused by something flying into it,
but other than that this is almost perfect!
How do they do this?

Counting my blessings today!
Blessed by the rain!
Blessed by the morning sunlight!
Blessed by seeing another wonderful example of God's creation!!


  1. We have had some rain in the last few days and it has been so refreshing. The grass is a little green again. Funny how we take rain for granted.

    Lovely photos! I really like the spider webs you captured here.

  2. I am glad you got to take a picture of the webs. They are awesome.

  3. Cathy, these are beautiful! I haven't seen rain since I left Maine in May. Thanks for sending yours my way.

  4. The rain truly is a blessing! So much of our country is having a drought. Love your captures of the spider webs!

  5. Beautiful photos, lovely for you to have some rain!

  6. Rain seems to be the theme of a lot of blogs today! Yes indeed. We are all Blessed.

  7. Your joyful enthusiasm brims from these images and your words. What a pleasure for those of us that you have brought along with you. I can see those diamonds shining in the sun. And I'm with you on walking into a spider web - but they are such amazing creations.

  8. I love the sunrays and those are really good captures of the spider's webs - I'm glad you didn't walk through them too!
    Everyone in your part of the world is raving about the rain and we are getting it hot and sunny again here!

  9. We were predicted for a drenching...but alas only a sprinkle came our way. So glad you had a nice rain and what a beautiful walk you captured with your lens. Thanks so much for stopping by FOL and leaving such a sweet comment. Interesting childhood you must have had!!

  10. oh cathy those are just amazing images. thank you for sharing!


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