Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Splashin' Good Time

Do you ever get the feeling that your heart may just swell up and burst?  I do, every time I'm with these four boys, my grandsons!!  Honestly, there is nothing like it, it's indescribable the feelings that I have!  I love being a "gramma" to these guys!!

I guess you might have figured out that I've spent a few days with all four of my grandsons! Bear with me as gramma drags out the brag book!!  These pictures don't need explaining. The boys love the pool!

Jake, our swimmer!!

 Drew with his beautiful smile!!

 Josh, the fun guy!!

Aaron, our little sweetie!! 

I love this picture!  I caught this special moment between brothers as they were looking at some storm clouds that were coming in. The clouds rolled in quickly ending our pool time a little early, but we so needed the rain none of us complained, not even the boys!

Special days!!
Special memories!!
Special boys!!


  1. Such cute shots from proud gramma! I especially love the last one too!
    Please send some rain over here - we are slowly melting!

  2. That heart-bursting thing - I completely understand. You have captured each of their personalities and those special smiles. Bragging is certainly allowed.

  3. oh my those are some cute boys! love their big, happy smiles. i can see why they make you so proud and happy. :)

  4. Oh, what cuties! Grandchildren have a special place in our hearts, don't they? I love that last shot -- wonderful!
    Enjoy and brag all you want!

  5. You have precious grandchildren :)
    Each photo is a treasure.. I can feel your love and pride. Being a 'Gramma' sounds like an incredible experience :)

  6. What a bunch of little darlings! No wonder you were happy tired! Isn't it so much fun being a grammy?



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