Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July Exploration ~ 2.8/100 lens

This is the last of my July explorations with my camera lenses. This is my newest lens and surprisingly has been easier to use than I thought. I still struggle with sharp pictures, but someday I'll get there. Absolute necessity this time, the tripod!!  I'm finally getting the hang of that thing, after using it all month.  I found it is more adaptable than I thought!

I have had the pictures here on this blog for several days and just wasn't sure I wanted to post this group. Why? I was afraid that these images weren't what was expected from a macro lens!  I thought everyone would want to see gorgeous up-close pictures of flowers. I felt compelled to take pictures of flowers.  So, that's where I started outside looking for flowers. Even though I've watered regularly all summer, the only flowers that withstood the heat are my petunias. I thought they didn't have enough texture for a good close-up. I even went to the florist and looked at buying fresh flowers, but nothing really appealed to me. Maybe because although I really love flowers and have taken many photos of them, I really bought this lens because I have been so captured by the usual shapes and textures in the plain and ordinary things of nature.

Much to my frustration, my insecurities have arisen again!
Will anyone like these pictures?
Are they pretty enough?

I honestly don't know why I feel this way!! I just do! I don't have limited expectations of other's work. You don't have to tell me I shouldn't feel this way. Insecurity is just part of my make-up. I am working on that, but it's a slow process!!

I told myself this morning that these images represent what I love to capture.  They were taken because I enjoy these things. I will publish them because they're mine and I like them. My insecure side finally agreed!!

I was focusing on where the two sections of this rock are almost meeting at the top of the hole. I picked up this very unusually textured rock at Lake Ouchita near Mt. Ida, Arkansas. It's only about 5 1/2" X 3 1/2" and less than 1/2" thick.   The little hole is only about 1/4" across. When I look at the rock with my eyes I don't see the little crystals or any of the blue.  I was surprised when I uploaded it!

There is a disclaimer on this one:  this is not a live butterfly. It's sad, but I found this butterfly lying on one of my plants. It was in perfect shape, so I don't know what caused its death. I don't believe that butterflies have a very long life span. I felt blessed to have found it and then be able to capture it's beauty and textures.

Not only have the flowers died, but the trees are already shedding their leaves!  I loved the colors in the veins of this one! It looks like it's been stained by coffee!

I promise this is not anything weird. It's part of a shell I have in my bathroom. I dusted this thing before I took it's picture, but you can still see a little lint (that sounds better than dust) hanging from the bottom of the open end!

Another shell I grabbed out of the bathroom!  I love the texture and forms of shells.

I'm not sure about these berries. They're growing wild, hanging over the neighbor's fence. I Googled them and I think they are on a Sumac bush. If anyone knows better, let me know!

So, there you have it! My month long exploration of my lenses. It's something I've been needing to do for a long time. Just play and work to familiarize myself with my lens and my tripod! It's been tedious, yet rewarding. I've taken tons of pictures and I still have a ways to go!!

My August project is going to be totally different! It will still be hot here, upper 90's to low 100's and dripping in humidity. I think I'll just step out side at least once each day and capture the skies of August!!  Look for a lot of photos, I love clouds!!

Stay cool!!


  1. The colors and shapes in each of these are so interesting, showing us details (through your lens) that we otherwise would miss out on.

  2. I am glad you decided the post these pictures. You are an inspiration to me. I will get my tripod out tonight and put on my new lense that I bought and have only used once. I think I will take pictures inside 100 degrees us no fun.

    I really liked the leaf and your discription of color. Coffee that is it.

  3. oh cathy. i so totally understand what you mean and taking the pictures that you like to take. not worrying about what others think. so there.

    but your shots are spectacular! so much detail not able to be seen with the naked eye. like a whole other world! so glad you went with your heart and posted these.

  4. Hello Kathy, Well done for your continued discovery of your lenses! the details on the first shot of the rock are really interesting close-up. Before I read your text I thought it might be a very crispy cookie! When things are really close-up, I find it's nice to become familiar with the abstract side of what is being photographed. I even find it nice not to recognize the subject and just to marvel in the texture (butterfly wing) or the different shapes and varied colours. A whole new world opens up with macro, doesn't it? Were you using your 100mm lens?
    Have a lovely day!

  5. What a great exercise, well done for perservering especially with your tripod (I am so rubbish at even getting mine out let alone using it!). Love all of these, the textures are amazing. I hear you with the insecurity thing - I feel like I'm always pressing publish thinking "I'm really not sure about that.....". Well done for sticking to your guns and going with your gut!

  6. Isn't macro fun? It's like a whole other world with that lens! So many details we normally miss. Flowers are nice but there's a whole world out there just waiting for us to look at it with a macro lens!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful images!


  7. Good for you for posting - regardless of what your mean girl voice kept telling you! These are YOUR images and they are worthwhile and beautiful because of it. Love that spiral on top of the shell - a perfect shape! And the coffee-stained veins on the leaf - what amazing color and texture. You seem to be doing just fine with this new lens. This has been a really wonderful monthly challenge. Looking foward to your skies.

  8. Cathy, it may be that "everybody" seems to take such pretty flower photos. But what I love is the way you show me fascinating things I wouldn't otherwise be able to see. I hope you won't ever give in to any internal pressure to do the expected. Just keep on sharing your own unique vision with us. That's your gift.


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