Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Photo Project ~ kit lens

I use my kit lens (3.5-5.6/18-55) a lot and therefore I'm more familiar with it. It's, shall we say, the standby for a quick grab of the camera and snap of the picture. Therefore, for this exploration I concentrated more on composition and simplicity. I worked at setting up little vignettes of everyday ordinary things. I also made myself use the tripod again. No captions this time; it's pretty obvious what they are!

One more lens exploration...the brand new 2.8/100 macro!
Wish me luck!!!


  1. Ya know, I'm already inspired by your photography, and here it just keeps gettin' better!

    I recognized some tatting under those cute little baby shoes.

    Good luck exploring with that new lens!

  2. I love the bold colors of the cupcake holders. What an unusual spool of thread. Never had seen one like it before. Keep the photos coming.

  3. I'm enjoying your experiments, Cathy. That red apple looks so lovely and I love the cupcake holders because of their cheerful colours and the way you have dis-arranged them! Good luck with your new lens, I'm sure you're learning a lot just by doing these exercises! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Cathy - your lens exploration has been a rousing success - with one more to go. I think it has really challenged you to expand yourself technically and explore composition very unique ways. I love your vignettes - don't sell yourself short on your ability to set up engaging little scenes. My favorites are the cupcake liners and the carton of eggs.

  5. the photo of the egg carton is extraordinary. the tones, the composition, the focus. seriously beautiful!!

    the kit lens is pretty much my standby too. wish it had a little better bokeh but it's perfect for capturing those "everyday" moments.

    great series with your lens exploration!

  6. A macro lens, sound like fun....I've never even touched one of these.


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