Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I liked Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt so well that I did it again.
This week's prompts are
stand alone or something old
repeating pattern

Beautiful smile from my youngest grandson.

 Stand Alone
I stood alone in this cemetery and took this photograph of a tree standing all alone on a hill surrounded by gravestones. This is my one picture from my archives. I took this picture two weeks ago and was just waiting for a place to use it. Now, I've found the spot!!

Rusty or something old
These rusty nails and rotting wood are part of a decaying out building on my neighbor's property.

I went with the obvious...artificial flowers. This was taken at my daughter-in-laws house. She has such a decorator's touch.

Repeating Pattern
I had several ideas for this prompt, but this one just jumped up and grabbed me while I was looking for rusty things. This is a line of moss growing on a corrugated metal building. It looks like a tiny line of trees!  The metal has a repetitive pattern and so does the moss.

I think I enjoy the scavenger hunt so much because I feel free to interpret the prompt however I want. Really, the only rule is to limit yourself to only one image from your archives. The rest need to be taken during the prompt week. Of course, by linking up, I get to see many beautiful images that inspire me. It's amazing how we all are so different; we see things differently; we interpret prompts differently, but we all have a common interest that brings us

Have A Happy Week!!!


  1. I love your "repeating pattern" -- it just jumped out at me!
    Stand Alone? Oh my goodness - it gives me chills!

  2. Sweet smile on that grandson's face! Love the repeating pattern you found. Isn't this FUN?

  3. They are so wonderful. My favorites are the tree in the cemetery, the rust and the moss - what fabulous finds!

  4. Great set, love your interpretations. Lovely capture for smile (so cute!) and I absolutely adore your standing alone, so dramatic in b&w.

  5. Love your stand alone and pattern pictures so much. Beautiful!

  6. Cathy - great set! I really love your repeating patterns - the mosss DOES look like tiny trees in a miniature fairy world. Standing Alone has a stark beauty with real emotion.

  7. It is a fun challenge isn't it. Always enjoy this and I enjoyed all of your pics this week. Your grandson is a sweetie and I LOVE that stand-alone tree. Really creates a mood. See ya next week!!

  8. Wow! Stand alone captures a mood. I love it.

  9. You captured some great shots and the smile shot is so precious!

  10. Well done. My first visit (I believe) to your blog. I really like the Stands Alone and the Repeating Pattern Shots.

  11. Stand Alone is a standout, and I love Repeating Pattern. It really does look like a row of trees, growing between some columns.

  12. wow. you did some great interpretations of these! love them all, especially the repeating pattern shot.

  13. Your pictures are incredible. I love seeing all the new updates!


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