Saturday, January 14, 2012


Blessed ~ I am truly blessed.
Blessed with good health, a wonderful family,  and a quiet life. But, no matter how blessed we are, something can happen in a matter of moments that can rock our world and devastate us. I became very aware of this last year, which made me begin thinking about the moments we live each day. It made me realize that I could make better choices and not waste precious moments. I choose what I will do with my day. I can choose to live it or waste it!

I've heard a lot about choosing one word. A word that is kept in mind for the year. A word that brings awareness of what we want to embrace in our lives. I decided to take the One Little Word workshop at Big Picture Classes.  As I began thinking over words that I might want to concentrate on,  I thought about the word "moments". It kept haunting me, following me. It wouldn't leave my mind. It wasn't what I was looking for, I wanted an action word. So, I ignored "moments" and began to think about embrace, savor, and capture. These were good words, words I could easily focus on. But, they just didn't fit. I'm back to "moments" those little snippets of time. I'll be focusing on embracing the moment, savoring the moment, and capturing the moment.

Part of keeping this word front and center in our minds is creating a journal. This is the opening 4"x6" page. On the front is my word, on the back a self-portrait.

 Once a month we receive an assignment to keep us motivated all year. For January, I looked up the definition of my word and used a thesaurus to find synonyms. I wrote why I chose the word and what I wanted to invite into my life through this word.

I'll also be exploring ways to photograph my word and related words.

It's really surprising how already my word is in my head; how I think about it each day. It will interesting to see where it takes me through the year.

Every time you wake up and ask yourself,
What good things am I going to do today?
Remember that when the sun goes down at sunset,
It will take a part of your life with it.
                                    ~ Native American Proverb


  1. Cathy, your photo montage at the top of this post perfectly depicts how precious those little moments are. It's so easy to let them slip by us, unaware. I love the words you've spelled out on your Scrabble board. It's a message we could all take to heart.

  2. What a perfect word to guide you through the upcoming year. I think you have honored what you heart wanted you to concentrate on, regardless of whether it was an action word or not. Embracing, savoring, capturing the moments - a recipe for a memorable year.


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