Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It seems I never get to spend enough time with my grandchildren. I've just returned from a fun week with three of my grandsons who live about three hours away. My fourth grandson lives about thirty minutes away so I'm able to see him a little more often. In between these visits I miss them. I was a little sad today, missing them. The house is too quiet and the day is misty, chilly, and dreary.  I grabbed my camera and took to the outdoors to walk in the woods near my home. As I walked by the creek I noticed these little leaves that reminded me of lacy hearts. I love to find heart shapes in nature.


I also spotted this rock that looks like a heart.

Then I really been to look closely for heart shapes and saw the hole in this rock. I thought this was pretty cool!

I even saw a heart shape on my Japonica bush. I think this is a remaining fruit that has dried, but I'm not sure. There are two or three hanging from the limbs.

As I looked for and spotted hearts my spirits began to lift. I began to think about the boy's sweet hugs and the many times they say "I love you, Gramma." I thought about their beautiful smiles and happy laughter. I realized how blessed I am that they are not too far away and that I can easily visit with them. I'm blessed that they're healthy and just really great boys.
My heart overflows with love.


  1. Hearts are everywhere when you start looking. Glad you had a good day out in nature. You are blessed and so am I.

  2. Cathy,
    What an amazing treat nature had in store for you - to find your "heart" reflected. Sometimes we see what we need.

  3. This made me tear up! I'm so grateful that you and daddy are so involved in our lives, just wish it could be more! Thank you for being a great mom and an awesome grandmother! Maybe we should record a few "I love you Gramma" and send them to you! They've been missing you too!


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