Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Capturing Moments

I can't seem to get back to blogging!!  My mind is going twenty different directions. Let's see, I'm finishing up my 365 project from 2011. I still had some journaling to do and the last month's photos to be printed. I began my 365+1 for 2012. Got my album together (I use Project Life) and so far I've been keeping up with journaling each day. Of course the year is only eleven days old!!  And, then there's the day to day, laundry, Pinterest (isn't that such a fun place). My writing mind is just not here, I think I'm just tired!  I thought I'd just post a few moments that I captured during the holidays. I'm concentrating on the word "moments" this year. More to come on that in another post!!

Moments of fun and laughter with my family....
Aaron helped me decorate my Christmas tree. As I was standing on the step ladder putting on the lights, I felt a tug on my pants leg, looked down and there he was, standing on the bottom step holding on to me!

Every time I got down, he went up! He thought he was such a big boy standing at the top of the step ladder!!  As I decorated, he sat on the floor and read to me from the Bible. "God loves me." It was precious!! Already at two he knows why we celebrate Christmas.

I had to include this picture of my Dad. We were opening presents at my Mom and Dad's house and he was waiting his turn.  Yes, I said waiting. But look at that package!!  He sat and sneakily picked pieces of the paper off until he could see what was inside!  I caught him though!! He can't deny it, he didn't wait his turn!!

We went to Aaron's house on Christmas afternoon to see what Santa had brought him. Notice he's still in his Christmas PJ's. Who has time to change when there's so much to play with!! This guy loves trains. He was thrilled with his Thomas The Tank Engine tracks and various pieces! I love the motion of his hand playing with the signals.

The other three grandsons came on Monday after Christmas. Oh, they're parents came too, let's not forget them! Lots of fun opening presents and playing with all the toys!! The next morning, we played inside until it warmed up. I love Jake's Christmas PJ's, tie-died!!  Josh sure is concentrating! I think sticking his tongue out makes the game easier!

Over New Year's weekend we traveled to see what Santa brought them. I had barely gotten out of the car when Drew and Josh wanted to show me this rock they were digging up. They've been working on this with their little shovels and someday, it will be unearthed. I don't know what they plan to do with it, but this is important work!!

Next up, show Gramma what Jake got for Christmas. This weird looking thing is called a Cyco Cycle. It looks like a big trike with no handle bars. You steer by moving the seat.  Pretty cool huh!! He was really good at it, even gave the brothers rides!

"You gotta come in the house gramma and see our tree."  Mostly they wanted me to see the train under the tree. These guys look a little worn out from too much Christmas fun!! It was funny, it was like I was on a guided tour! OK, what's next!!

New Year's Eve.
This sight feels me with warmth and love!!
Sweet brothers!!

The next morning it was outside.
We all had to try the Cyco Cycle!!
Gramps and Josh gave it a whirl.

Yep!! That would me, followed by Jake!!
 It wasn't as hard as it looked.

It wasn't long before we had a train going!!
Josh was the engine.
I'm the tender.
Jake is one of the train cars.
And Drew was the caboose.
We had to keep taking turns being the engine.
Everyone wanted to be the leader!

Time for a little scoccer!!  Wish my leg would go that high!

After a wonderful lunch including black-eyed peas, we were off for a trek in the woods, where the boys had the best time throwing rocks in the creek. We walked for a long while on their property. Actually saw two deer. One loped across right in front of us and the other right behind us.

It's New year's Day and the boys are blowing their horns!!
I wondered how far away could one hear these horns!!

Caught Jake on the porch swing with Maggie!
A boy and his dog!

I've struggled with photos of family. I want them to be perfect and professional looking. But, life doesn't happen that way.
Things happen quickly! 
You have to grab the camera and capture that moment!!
Who cares if there's clutter in the background!
Who cares if the light isn't perfect!
It's really all about the moment!
The capture of the moment!

What photos do I treasure the most?
The one I set up and worked on forever?
The set-up I took tons of pictures of just to get it right?
No, the one I snapped quickly!
The one that captured a memory of someone I love!!

Snap some picture today!!
Capture a moment!!

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” — Dorothea Lange


  1. Cathy, what a wonderful family Christmas and New Year holidays you had! "New Year's Eve" is really beautiful and my favorite of the group, but they all have such a relaxed, happy feeling about them. I think your family photos ARE perfect, just what they should be.

  2. Love this post!! I wish we could have had more time together over the holidays, but we sure made the best of the short time that we had. I love the photo of Pepaw! He even looks a little mischievous in that picture. These are all great photos! So glad you captured some awesome "moments!"

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful post. The story, the photos, looks like such a loving family and such a wonderfully fun holiday.

  4. Such wonderful and memorable moments you have captured. I really can see how much love and warmth you all have for each other. Love the train of various vehicles!

    Our grandson visited over the holidays but I wasn't happy with any of the photos that I took - I'm still no good whatsoever at taking photos of people. Drat!

  5. I was getting worried about you. For some reason your Blog did not come in on my email. I am glad to see your post. Your grandchildren are great. I know that you had a great time.

  6. What a great time to capture, love all that family pictures, so great to see, thanks for sharing this peek in your family life.

  7. What sweet photos of your grandsons! Of course it's a challenge photographing active children -- they are constantly moving! I'm not suprised you are tired, with all that you are doing. Have a restful weekend!


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