Thursday, January 26, 2012

Looking At Windows

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So when Kat gave a wonderful post on photographing windows for her Exploring With A Camera series, I was naturally drawn to old windows or those that at least appeared old.

You know me, I like to look up definitions, so here goes, the definition of a window:
an opening especially in the wall of a building for admission of light and air that is usually closed by casements or sashes containing transparent material (as glass) and capable of being opened and shut

I love windows, the shape and size of them. I'm not really great at composing shots of windows. I'm more of a nature photographer, but it is fun to branch out and try something different. Windows like the one below not only bring in light but, make an area beautiful with their shape and size. Although this is not an old home, I love the old Victorian look. By the way, it's my daughter's home and I just love it!!

They're good for looking out of.  I was taking pictures at my daughter's house and wanted one of the window showing the staircase in the background. My grandson asked what I was doing. After I told him, he said he would run inside and stand on the stairs so I could take his picture in the window!  Sweet, sweet boy...helping gramma!

Windows create beautiful shapes in the architecture of buildings. This beautiful stained glass window is in an old abandoned church. The windows are slowly being destroyed. It's so sad!

 Windows also create wonderful repeating patterns. I love the shape of these windows in this small quaint church.

This window is in a historic downtown home built in 1842. I love the shutters, the bench and the rocking chair. I could see myself out on this porch rocking away the day.  Maybe with a good book in my hand.  Inside you can see a beautiful mantel and old furniture. The view is just as beautiful looking in...

as looking out. I really love this porch. The railing and the vines growing on the fence are beautiful! And, there's a peek of the chair.

Recently I was traveling and needed a small break from driving. I stopped in a small town that has several antique stores. I was there on a Sunday and most of the stores were closed, so I strolled the streets taking pictures of windows. I love the vintage table and chairs that I spotted while "window shopping". I wish I had a place for the set! The peeling paint of the window frame just adds to the vintage look.

This is one of my favorite window photos. I love the lines of the window panes and the siding. I love the bowl on the table and the way one window frames another window.

This window makes me curious.  When I took this photo I wondered if anyone lived in the house. It was rundown and neglected behind a very large overgrown hedge. I would have liked to get a closer shot so you could see that the screen has pulled away from the frame at the bottom. I wondered about the people who looked out of this window. I wondered about those papers laying the window? Is it an old newspaper?

This is another of my favorite window shots. The window frame in this historic home is covered with many layers of paint.  Inside there was this worn, but beautiful, cane bottom chair. In my imagination I see a lovely woman sitting in this chair mending her families clothes by lamp light.

This window is in an old college that was built in 1893. I loved the natural colors of the rock and the casings and the reflection of the outside pole. I also love the fact that you can see straight through to another window with a candle on the ledge.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of my favorite windows. I keep saying I'm going to make my posts shorter, but I just can't seem to stop myself. I love to share pictures with you!!



  1. What a great window serie you made, beautiful, special the broken window makes me wonder what there will be.

  2. Cathy - your love of all things vintage comes through in this lovely set. You have captured almost every type of window shot. There are so many stories here, behind these windows. My favorite is the one of the white-sided window with the silhouetted bowl and the window in the background - a frame-within-a-frame-within-a-frame.

  3. You really found some great windows to photograph, Cathy! I like how you imagine stories to go with the images. I really like the green rocker with the matching green shutters -- so classic and welcoming!

  4. I especially love the window you found by chance with the red frame and vintage chairs. The light is wonderful and the feel of the place pulls me in. - Susan

  5. I have truely enjoyed this post on windows. The one you call your fave-I agree. It is beautifully framed and has an elegance wrapped in humbleness. I would also ponder that paper seen thru the decaying screen and frame. Glad you had a chance to "window" shop. I must prefer our photographer's take on that expression to going inside and letting someone take my money. Happy day Cathy.

  6. These are great windows Cathy! You found a lot of examples of the different uses in your archive. I think my favorite is the peek in at the vintage table and chairs. Just lovely! Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera. It's always fun to see what you've taken, and to learn more from the definitions you find!

  7. beautiful set of windows.Your favorite is my favorite, too. I also love the one with vintage table and chairs.

  8. You found some great windows! I must disagree with your favorite though...mine is the one with sweet Drew in it! :) Love the stained glass windows of the church and the way you took the picture looking up.


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