Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture The Holidays - Days 25 through 31

Here it is, the wrap up of Picture The Holidays!! It's been a very busy week since Christmas, lots of good times with family.

Day 25 - This Magic Moment
No matter how old I get,
there is still something magical
about Santa and Christmas morning!
 Ours was a quiet one, but a good one!!

Day 26 - The Day After
Sometimes the day after Christmas can be quite messy.
But, even in the aftermath, beauty can be found.
I loved these cherry cordial M&Ms I found this year.

Day 27 - A Breath Of Fresh Air
Today we were to find one of Mother Nature's gifts.
Something that boasts of the season
and showcases the splendor of the great outdoors.
My Camellia bloomed this winter.
It's so amazing that this beautiful flower likes to bloom in cold weather.

The center of the Camellia is even beautiful after the petals have fallen off! 

 Day 28 - Through The Looking Glass
Our photo today was to find something like glass
to shoot through that altered the image.
I liked the Christmas tree lights as they
glowed through this hand blown glass ornament!

I had fun with this prompt
and tried several different types of glass.
I shot this one through a vintage chandelier crystal.

Day 29 - A Toast
The only thing we have in our home to toast with is water, milk or a soft drink in a 2-liter bottle. None of those things seemed to work for this prompt. As I walked by my miniature shelf I spotted this little coke bottle. So, here's my toast to you for the New Year...may your new year be filled with peace, love and lots of photography!!

Day 30 - There's No Looking Back
Counting down the minutes to 2012.
Not looking back at 2011.
Just looking forward to what the new year can bring!

Day 31 - Gather Your Thoughts
We were to take a moment to look back over our photos for Picture The Holidays. It was suggested that we print some of them and find a way to display them. My printer is very low on ink so I knew the pictures would not turn out well. I decided to make a collage of some of my favorite photos instead. 

I enjoyed this class and this group of wonderful photographers more than I can say!!  I started the month a little scattered, not really stressed, just didn't have everything together. Taking a few minutes each day with my camera was so relaxing.  I begin to really enjoy this holiday as every day I found a little beauty in the season. I also enjoyed looking at other photographer's photos on our gallery. They are always so inspiring!  I'm on to another class already...this one Picture Winter!


  1. I loved all your pictures. Am was also amazed that flowers do bloom in the cold. When I stopped by the Post Office last week I noticed their pink camellias were blooming. Did have my camera with me. Got a new point and shoot so I hope to always be read for a shot. The clock was a good reminder that we can only go forward. Looking back just slows us down. I hope to finish my class of "Picture Inspiration". I am a little afraid of taking on another class, but you are inspiration to check it out anyway. Keep on posting.

  2. Gorgeous photos again, love what you find for each prompt of the day. That little Coke bottle is so cute, great job on using it.

    So happy you enjoyed your month and gave you something to have fun and look forward to. We all need that during the busy holiday's.

    I'm hoping to do more with my pictures this year, might think about a class or having some prompts would be nice.

    Good luck in your New Year of photos.

  3. Cathy - I have enjoyed following your holiday celebrations this season. I love your collage - so many memories within. I find that my time with my camera each day are the quiet moments when I can slow down and just concentrate on "seeing".

  4. What a gorgeous round up - I really love your collage and that very cute little minature coke bottle. Very much looking forward to see your winter pictures too. :)

  5. Here I am, as promised! New Years bring on new goals! I love your photos with the glass ornaments. They look so warm and dreamy. The little 2 liter Coke bottle made me laugh! Great idea. Good luck with Picture Winter. Hopefully we'll get plenty of snow for you to capture.

  6. sounds like you had a great experience in picture the holidays! glad to see you are going to join us at {in the picture}. take it slow--you can do it!

  7. Cathy, I love your tiny Coke toast! I've enjoyed all of your holiday photos, and it's nice to see so many of them together in the collage. My favorite is the snow on the tendril. That cool, simple image really stands out among all the warm colorful ones. Not that I don't like those too...but that tendril has had my heart since the first time you posted it.


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