Monday, November 29, 2010

Ornaments - Day 3

Thistlehair The Christmas Bear
He comes around this time of year
Spreading lots of Christmas cheer.
The kids all love this shiny coat
And the smell of honey on his nose.
He tells them all about that star
And everything that it stands for.
The birthday we all celebrate
Is still our favorite holiday.
Oh, Thistlehair the Christmas bear
Spreadin' the good news everywhere.
About Christmas time and what it means
To all the children of the world.
Every little boy and girl
Out there, love Thistlehair
Written by D.Lowery
Sung by Alabama
Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love bears. Bears of every kind, whether they be stitched, plush, or figurines. There is just something comforting and cuddly about a bear. So, of course, there has to be bears on my tree. These are two I stitched several years ago.

Beary, Merry Christmas to You!!

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