Monday, November 8, 2010

Down On The Ground - Photo Challenge #2

Down on the Ground is another photo challenge I tried. I read about this one on Becky Higgin's Blog. She encourages trying something different with our cameras. I love to take pictures and like to try something new. The more I learn the more I enjoy this little hobby of picture taking. Although it doesn't always work as good as I think it should, probably because I use a point and shoot camera. Some of the photos posted on her blog are fabulous!!  My pictures look really grainy. I don't think my camera wanted to be on the ground especially inside where the lighting is not always good. Oh well, I tried it and I'll try it again. It was fun.

I thought this was cute. A forgotten train while Drew watches TV.
He's probably watching a train video!!

Josh and his trains.

Drew playing trains again.

Drew asked me to take a picture of Thomas.

Aaron playing on the floor.

Hand-laid bricks on a street in Jefferson, TX.
Just so you know, there was very little traffic in this small town.

Fall leaf. I like the way this one turned out.

The kids gave me really funny looks when I was on the floor with my camera. So, if you see me on the ground or on the floor, don't laugh. I'll be trying this challenge again. I think maybe Christmas time would be a good time to try. All those gifts, bows and paper on the floor!

Why don't you grab your camera and try it?

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