Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Ornament A Day

I decorated my Christmas tree.  What fun!!
Well, it was fun after the lights were on. I put several hundred lights on my tree. I love the old-fashioned look of the multi-color bulbs. You see, I am very old-fashioned, I love anything vintage. Anyway, back to the lights. Every year as I take them down and store them, I carefully roll them around those reels that are made to store lights. They are checked after they are on the reel and they are working. So, I get ready to put the first string on the tree and half of the string does not work. Pooh!!   How does that happen, is there a light Grinch that sneaks in every year and sabotages the light strings? I had three strings that did not work! But, I know how to beat the Grinch. I always buy at least three boxes on sale after Christmas. So I was prepared and the lights went on!!

Now I'm having fun, I'm ready to add the ornaments. I have hundreds of those also. So many of the ornaments have such special memories. Some ornaments have been given to me by family or friends. Some I have purchased. I have a weakness for buying Christmas ornaments. And some, I have stitched or hand crafted.  I also have several from my own childhood. I guess you could consider those vintage, they're from the 50's. Maybe that's why it takes me so long to decorate the tree, I'm lost in memories. Several hours is done! Sometimes I stay up a little later than my husband, and then I turn off all the lights and just gaze at the tree lights. A quiet time to relax or reflect on the season and my family.  I take off my glasses and they blur together. How beautiful!!

I want to share a few of my ornaments so, I thought it would be fun to show you an ornament or two every day until Christmas.

This beautiful ornament tells the true meaning of the season...the birth of Christ.  Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus by Jim Shores. I love his work. The quilt patterns are gorgeous.

 I have always enjoyed cross stitching. It soothes me to put needle and thread to fabric. Every year I try to stitch an ornament for my tree. I really should count the cross stitch ornaments that are on my tree. Maybe I will as I take them down. This ornament I stitched after Christmas last year, so I just had to make the cording and assemble it.

I also stitch an ornament for each of my gandsons and their parents' trees. I  gave them  their ornaments on Thanksgiving so I can now reveal them. I enjoy stitching them a new ornament each year. It's fun to look through my numerous books and magazines and pick out the perfect ornament. The boys all love trains, so when I found this pattern I new it was the one. I started the tradition when my children were small and have continued with my grandchildren.
 for the boys

for the parents

Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!
 It is so bright and magical, yet so reverant as we celebate the birth of Christ.

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  1. I love the idea you have to show some ornaments each day until Christmas. I will be tuning in for that! : ) As you know, I too, am a sucker for ornaments! LOVE THEM! We love the ones you stitched for us this year, beautiful work. I hope to at least start my tree tomorrow.


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