Friday, September 30, 2016

Solitary Wandering

I learned a new word this week.

solivagant: rambling alone; marked by solitary wandering

I learned this word from Leigh who posted about it on Focusing On Life's blog. You can go right here and read her post. I began to think about this word and how it perfectly describes me when I'm at my happiest; wandering alone.

My solivagant journey led me through one small Arkansas town, two cemeteries, and along the banks of a river. I'll show you a view things I found along my journey.

 I found an acorn made of marble that was covered in lichen.

I found steps that went up and then went down.

 I found my initial carved in stone.

I found a vintage water tank covered in rust.

I found a garden hidden away behind a historical building
complete with a vintage Case tractor. 

I found a 1939 Ford truck.
I know this because Mr. H knows his Ford trucks.
I took this picture just for him!

I found a strange and ferocious door knocker.

I found Pole Man.
Anyone from Arkansas should take note of the very faded Razorback cap.

I found a delicious piece of coconut pie in a small country cafe.

I found a beautiful river that is known for it's rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. 
Fishermen come from all of the world to fish in it's cold waters.

I found a wonderful old bridge, built in 1930, which takes you across the White River.

 I found myself alone as I drove across the bridge.

I found to my right an old train bridge built in 1905.

I found myself having a delightful day.
You should try it sometime.
Just stop in a small town or park and go wandering by yourself.
It's pretty wonderful.


  1. All of your pictures were so beautiful. Glad you had a great day.

  2. So many lovely finds on your outing, Cathy. I'm also a solitary wanderer, so I know how lovely it is! I do love that 1939 Ford truck! I also loved all the bridges, especially that first shot!

  3. oh goodness, it looks like the PERFECT day, lovely in every way. i would love to do this, but it would be hard and since i can't drive, it makes it even harder. but i will wander vicariously through you, and meet you for a slice of pie at the end. a gorgeous collection of images, you found some good stuff!!!

  4. I loved that word when I saw it on Focus on Life. It appeals to me so much - it's totally "me" - but I never knew there was a special word for it. Your day of solitary wandering looks just perfect!

  5. What an absolutely wonderful post, Cathy. Perhaps you and I are soulmates as we both love solitary wandering. The stairs that go up and then down at the gravesite leave me with questions. That dessert fills me with memories of my Aunt Mary's coconut pie. And of course Pole Man might be a cousin to my Waldo. Keep wandering, Cathy!

  6. Oh Cathy I love to wander alone and photograph. I just returned from a week stay with my son and family in Portland OR. I tell you I had so much fun walking around their area and basking in all the fall and flowers there. I am still on a high from all the beauty I saw. I love that old Ford and goodness Coconut pie is my all time favorite pie, I miss that so much. Now I am going to be thinking of of slice of pie all day long. Want to send me a piece? Goodness me I am salivating.

  7. Wandering by myself is the best! You found some awesome finds - the stairs, the tractor, the Ford truck, the bridge. Such happiness!

  8. Great post!!! would you like to follow each other's blog dear? Please let me know, I am following you now.thank you :)


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