Friday, October 7, 2016

One Foggy Morning

A thin grey fog hung over the trees and my world was not the same. I've walked this land hundreds of times before. Nothing had changed, but on a foggy morning I experienced it in a new way. Through the excessive moisture in the the air I saw the world differently.

Different and a little creepy because everywhere I turned I saw spider webs. I was amazed at the thousands hanging from trees, in bushes, and even on the ground.

Among the prickly needles on the cedar tree hung silken threads and water drops.

The sticky threads, looped from branch to branch reminding me of a Christmas tree decorated with silver tinsel.

Did you know there are several types of spider webs and many spiders are classified by the webs they weave? There are spiral orb webs, tangle webs, funnel webs, tubular webs, and sheet webs. I think I saw them all!!

The one below made me smile. It looked like a fishing pole and the fisherman had gotten his line all tangled.

At least with the moisture from the fog I could see the webs. On normal days I can't see them and I'm always walking into one. I cringe when I feel those sticky threads on me and wonder where is the spider? I know he's nearby, sitting, and waiting for his next meal.

If this doesn’t creep you out and give you chill bumps, the next time you see a spider web, stop and look at it carefully. Be amazed at the intricately designed work of art and engineering by such a little creature.

"Sometimes it looks like I'm dancing,
but it's just that I walked into a spider web."
~ Demetri Martin


  1. Looked like a spider wonderland. Good photos

  2. Great shots - especially love the first two. Something about the fog which just says autumn.

  3. You've captured those spider's webs so beautifully, Cathy. I especially like 1, 2 and 4 because their shapes are so lovely and the dew enhances them. The fishing line one is fun too! I know what you mean by spiders lurking where we least seem to expect them!

  4. It is amazing how many spider webs we don't see until the moisture lands on them. I just seem to find them when I walk.

  5. Such an over-the-top amazing post. Thanks, Cathy.

  6. it sure is spider web season. i enjoyed your descriptions and seeing them through your eyes!!!!

  7. What fabulous photos, Cathy! Spider webs have always amazed me--they are such sprightly little architects :)

  8. I love cobwebs and I saw a lot on my trip to Oregon, we don't get as many here in the desert. Even the spiders thinks it is too hot.

  9. Lucky you, Cathy! I'd love to see so many webs (though the spiders themselves kinda creep me out). Those orb ones are just fantastic pieces of art.

  10. I love the way fog makes webs visible. I've captured several recently, too, so you may see a post from me soon on the same subject!


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