Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Finds and Random Facts

My Friday Find this week wasn't discovered until I uploaded my day's pictures to my computer. I found that if you're pointing your camera slightly toward the sunset and if you haven't focused yet and if you accidentally hit the shutter button you get a lovely sky abstract!
To follow that lovely find are my Five Random Facts.

Fact  #1
I baked Christmas cookies this week. Yes, you read that right! Due to uncontrollable circumstances I didn’t do any Christmas baking this year. So, this week I made my favorite Christmas cookies.

Fact  #2
I still have a crystal dish that I got out a Quaker Oatmeal box. Does anyone else remember these? As a promotion cups, saucers, or bowls were packed in oatmeal boxes. It was always a you dig through the oats to see what was packed or do your wait until it's uncovered.

Fact  #3
Fungi has become my favorite thing to photograph in nature. Mushrooms are my second choice.

Fact  #4
Power poles keep getting in my way when I'm shooting out of the car window!  By the way, if you want to buy this barn...its for sale!

Fact #5
I'm glad I don't live at 5th and Goldsmith!

Guess what I'm singing...

 (Ah, ah) Oh, no, don't let the rain come down
(Ah, ah) Oh, no, don't let the rain come down
(Ah, ah) Oh, no, don't let the rain come down
My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown
Oh, yes, my roof's got a hole in it and I might drown

There was a crooked man and he had a crooked smile
Had a crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile
Had a crooked cat and he had a crooked mouse
They all lived together in a crooked little house

 Well, this crooked little man and his crooked little smile
Took his crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile
Bought some crooked nails and a crooked little bat
Tried to fix his roof with a rat-tat-tat-tat-tat

 Now this crooked little man and his crooked cat and mouse
They all live together in a crooked little house
Has a crooked door with a crooked little latch
Has a crooked roof with a crooked little patch

 (Ah, ah) Oh, no, don't let the rain come down
(Ah, ah) Oh, no, don't let the rain come down
(Ah, ah) Oh, no, don't let the rain come down
My roof's got a hole in it (my roof's got a hole in it)
My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown
The Serendipity Singers ~ Don't Let The Rain Come Down
Sorry, I hope you're not singing it too!

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi Cathy! I'm amazed at how you find the time to put so many blog entries up! I am finding it difficult to keep up with blogging friends who are so prolific, especially as I have cut my computer time down drastically this year!
    I enjoyed your series, especially the sky abstract and those gorgeous cookies! What pretty pink and green fungi too!

    Have a wonderful weekend and keep on singing! It's so good for the morale! I do it too! Sandra

  2. You have such a talent for capturing the unusual Cathy -- just lovely! :)

  3. I really like your happy accident of the sunset, somethings an oopps is a good one. Good for you on the christmas cookies, yea and I bet they tastes oh so good. No I don't remember getting that in my oatmeal box but do remember getting things like that as promotions in those days. Fun that you still have it. Loved reading your finds cathy.

  4. Power poles are a big frustration for photographers.

  5. What a fun post. Love the crooked little house. Aloha

  6. I love that song and so I was singing along with you! I love your unusual photo!

  7. guess what i am watching - thanks to you!! thanks, for suggesting "You've Got Mail" ... so great. always makes me cry. now i need to find that post again & see what you were speaking on ... i love them ...

    those cookies look great. yummy!! ( :
    interesting old home.

  8. Very pretty sky! & those cookies look delicious.

  9. What a fun set! Love your "accidental" sky abstract. And such amazing colors in the fungi. As far as telephone poles, for me this is what the clone tool was made for :)

  10. Sweet photos, Cathy! But that top 'mistake' is awesome, indeed! Such fun to have surprises like that. The cookies look mighty good. Better late than never!

  11. Great images.....your mistake was a god one. Your cookies look very tempting!

  12. I have not thought about making Christmas Cookies in February. I love the house. I love the fact that you took the picture and it made such a great shot.

  13. I love your accidental abstract! The colors and soft shapes are really beautiful. And I'm glad you let yourself make your favorite Christmas cookies, no matter that Christmas is past. Those look like they would be delicious any time -- besides, you can always say you made them early for next Christmas!

  14. Sorry for the lateness commenting but I am so glad I stopped in. This was a wonderful post. Your abstract sky is lovely. That fungi was stunning, I've never seen pink shades on fungi before, how cool.
    Oh I think I'll buy that barn...not wait, maybe the house on 5th & Goldsmith!

  15. That is a crooked little house for sure, and if I was the crooked person who lived in that house, I would definitely be worried about the rain. Thanks for the smile this post prompted...

  16. Really like your sky abstract. Those fungi have such pretty colors, too. Looks as though there are some fixer-uppers nearby. Pass a cookie, please!

  17. That abstract sky it awesome! Very different type of picture! Had to laugh about the barn being for sale! And the in California we need it so BAD! It is drought conditions here and we need to be careful how much water we use. What a pain!


  18. Ha! I'm glad I don't live at 5th and Goldsmith too!! ;)) Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Your blog is an utter joy, Cathy. I had some glitches with mine (spam/hacked) and am going to send out emails and just have it private from now on but will email you the entry to it.


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