Sunday, January 12, 2014

Change Is Good!

A change in the weather
is sufficient to recreate
the world and ourselves.
          ~ Marcel Proust
Those words have never been truer than they were this past week. Our weather was simply unbelievable. It's not always a good thing to talk about the weather. That can actually get rather boring, but trust me, this week's weather was anything but boring and it was fantastic for photography.
Wednesday dawned with a cold north wind blowing and temperatures in the low 20's. By afternoon freezing rain had begun to fall. The drops on this leaf even outshined the red berries!
Rain turned quickly to sleet and ice began to accumulate on the trees and bushes. Considering how dangerous ice can be, we were fortunate. This was a light coating of ice, the roads were mostly passable, and we kept our power. It was the perfect conditions for finding a few ice creations, which are always beautiful. This looks like a leaf made of ice, but there's really a leaf buried in there somewhere!
These little berries, on just a plain old hedge, were amazing. I love the way this one seems to be peeking our of it's ice coat to see what's going on!

I think my favorite berries to photograph were the dogwood berries.

By Friday the temperatures had begun to rise melting the ice and creating dense fog.
We climbed to the low 50's by afternoon. That was 40 degrees warmer than Monday and Tuesday. I went for a lovely walk in the misting rain. Believe it or not, I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. That was quite a change from the insulated underwear and multiple pairs of socks I wore the day before!

Saturday brought a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the mid 60's.

Our weather man gave the weekend a "10" on the weather scale. It was perfect!  A little muddy from all the rain, but I didn't mind sloshing around in the mud!

I think I'll stick around and see what kind of weather we have this week. I believe it's supposed to be warm and sunny Monday and Tuesday. I'm already planning where my camera and I will go.
I hope that wherever you are and whatever the weather is, you'll take a few minutes to enjoy it.


  1. The photos are beautiful. I am glad your ice is all melted now!

  2. Such weather swings. A lot of our snow has melted with warmer temps. and rain this weekend. But the base layer is still pretty icy making it hard to walk outside much.

  3. Oh my I love each and everyone, such a document of the weather.

  4. My goodness! You certainly had a wild weather week - but one that worked for your photography, that's for sure! I, too, love the berry peeking out of its coat of ice. Beautiful collection of one weather extreme to the other.

  5. You know, it's funny. We complain about the weather swing but if we think about it, it's like this every winter. We just have short memories. Each picture is a story in itself. Wonderful, Cathy!

  6. the weather has been crazy here too! but's it is all good because then we have great material for our photography. love all your captures!

  7. I have photo envy! I love the detail of your photos, stunning!

  8. What amazing changes in the weather you're experiencing, but what wonderful opportunities for taking lovely shots like these! My favourite photos are the first one and the last one!

  9. Cathy, Your photos of the unpredictable weather are fantastic. I can see your enjoyment in the compositions! I also love that you went out into the misty rain. Today we have gusting winds and another foot of snow in Breckenridge. Unfortunately, we couldn't ski - too windy and even to cross country ski in the forest is dangerous because of the possibility of falling trees. It's beautiful looking outside though!

  10. All the photos were so great. I found it hard to pick one above the others. I do like looking down the abandoned rail road track with the trees cascading down. You are brave to get out in the cold weather to get the perfect shot.

  11. Cathy, you've really managed to capture all of that changing weather in this set of photos. I could feel like I was right there with you. So beautiful, each and every one.

  12. Talk about a roller coaster ride, weather-wise at least! Each of these photos is special, but the one of the leaf covered in ice droplets is spectacular.


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