Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesdays ~ February 13, 2013

I like to wander.
I have a very strong irresistible urge to travel.
It does not matter whether it be near or far.
I only need a place to meander and explore.
I like my feet to tread where they've never gone before.
One step at a time at my own pace.
My wandering led me to Lake Catherine State Park.
Yesterday's post tells of a bad photography experience I had.
Today's post tells a much better story.
I followed a trail in search of a waterfall.
I heard the sounds of nature,
the rushing creek
the crunch of leaves beneath my feet,
and the birds singing.
As I wandered I saw spots of bright color
against the stark winter browns.

As I wandered I discovered small things
and enormous things.
As I wandered I felt childlike excitement
as my steps took me across a swinging bridge
that swayed and bounced.
As I wandered I became tired.
I sat on a bench looking out over the lake.
I soaked in the quiet,
the peace,
the beauty.
As I wandered my heart sped up with delight
when I stepped onto a huge rock ledge and
saw water flowing over the edge to the pool below.
As I wandered I praised God
for the spectacular beauty
of his magnificent creation.
I enjoyed sharing my wanderings with you.
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  1. What a wonderful walk you went on, Cathy. I enjoyed following you on all your discoveries and admiring all your pretty nature shots!

  2. That was a lovely walk you had. The photos are lovely!

  3. I love your Wednesday wanderings - to see nature in the unique way that you see it. Love those spots of bright spring-green - like tiny little cactuses. I am so glad this visit and experience was so much better for you and that we were able to share in your wonder.

  4. amen to everything cathy. beautiful, beautiful photos.

  5. What a kindred soul you are. I have so many of those same feelings when I am out in nature. Such a wonderful reflective time, to just be and to listen for God's small still voice. That bench looks like the perfect place to rest.

  6. This was lovely walk, such an amazing place; love your photos and your words

  7. What a wonderful walk, Cathy! No one would guess you'd been disappointed in anything about it. It's a beautiful place, and you did get some beautiful photos. I loved seeing all the water and greenery, something that's in short supply around here.

  8. such a feast for the eyes, love your walk. One beautiful place in Winter.

  9. Cathy, this is definitely my kind of place. The little green ground cover "starlets" are so lively and make me smile. I love the bridge and the bench ... places to stop and listen to the quiet, I imagine. Your verse tells such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing in Walk and Click Wednesdays!!

  10. Such a pretty place - you are blessed, indeed.

  11. Wow, what an amazing place. Thank you for taking us with you. :) That bench overlooking the lake looks so inviting and the waterfall is beautiful.

  12. What a beautiful place to walk. Great shots


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