Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ December 2

The busy month of December has begun!
Although it certainly doesn't feel like December.
We were in the 70's yesterday and should be today!!
The prompts for Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos were tougher for me this week. I had to step out of my comfort zone, which is nature, to fulfill the prompts. It was a fun set of prompts that had me doing some creative thinking!!
The prompts were:


vintage crocheted trivet
Each individual circle was crocheted with tiny thread and then placed over a cold drink bottle cap. This is in such good shape that I know it wasn't ever used under a hot pot. It must have just been used as a decoration in the kitchen. Curiosity got the better of me, so I carefully removed three of the caps just to see what kind of pop caps were used!

The trivet was made sometime after 1938, since this was when Sun Crest soda was developed. Royal Crown Cola was developed in 1933 and good old Coca-Cola has been around since 1886! (according to a quick Internet search)



That's it for this week!
I hope your first week in December is full of fun!


  1. Nice hunt, love your MUSIC and BRACELET shots!

    Lovely blog and I've enjoyed my visit. I'm your new follower.

    Have a great Sunday,

  2. Fun post, I love how you melded Scrabble (on of my obsessions) with music. Beautiful bracelet.

  3. Oh, I love it when you venture out of your comfort zone - such creativity! Love your interpretation of "missing" and your number collection - such amazing variety!

  4. You should step out more often. This worked very well for you. my fave is the number shot. Very clever. Wish I'd thought of that. Happy weekend Cathy.

  5. Great shots! Love both Music and Missing. Very creative!

  6. Fantastic set all around. Love the grape trivet and the bottle caps - very neat!

  7. your photos this week are amazing & very clever. MISSING is my favorite. Did you happen to have the checkers out? or did you have to set that up for your photo? the angle of your PURPLE trivet really presents the crochet work well. have a great week.

  8. Great shots for scavenger hunt- I really like missing & numbers and those soda caps are really cool.

  9. I really can't even pick out a favorite.. They are all amazing photos.

  10. Wow, beautiful job all around! I love what you did with missing, music, and bracelet. Unique shots.

  11. Cathy I love all of these photos. It also looks like you have some collector soda caps there! Your gratitude posts warmed my heart ( and I especially loved your quilts).

  12. I never knew there were bottle caps in there! How fun is that! I love that you were able to date them. These photos are all so creative and so original! Love the checkers photo - I'll have to show that one to Josh and Jake!


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