Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In The Picture ~ November 2012

In The Picture
It's time again for {in the picture} with Christy at Urban Muser.
Eleven months have come and gone since I began this project!
Over forty-four posted self-portraits!
One more month to go!
I'm proud of myself!
I'm going to make it!!
I realized that I had shown my face, my feet, my back, my shadow, but I've never really shown  my hands!  Hands are expressive and I didn't want to leave them out!
My hands say "I LOVE YOU!"  I've used this hand sign with my grandchildren since the first one started preschool. His Mom actually started this practice. When she dropped him off at school she waved with one hand and said "I love you" with the other. When his twin brothers were born, I dropped him off for my daughter and of course had to never forget the hand signs!!  It's a family tradition now! Anytime we separate we wave and give an "I LOVE YOU!"
Today, I'm sending this out to you!!

My hands hold the amazing things of nature!
Huge leave!
I think it's a sassafras leaf. If anyone knows please tell me!
My hands hold the little critters!
I was told this is a beetle cucumber beetle.
He was on this persimmon and then crawled onto my hand.

My hands hold the beauty of nature!
Brown withered leaves are beautiful in the morning frost.
I also love the curlicue on the left side of the leave.
Our optional them this month was "gratitude." I'm sitting outside journaling near the open crawl space of our house. My husband is under the house adding some insulation to the pipes. We've had a terrible pike rattle lately!  I'm the "gopher." I sit at the door listening, waiting for him to tell me what he needs and I "go for" it!  I even crawled under the house and took him what he needed. Okay, so where is this going??  I'm grateful that he's able to fix so many things around the house and he does it, even though he hates it!!" :)  There's always some grumbling, but he gets the job done!
One more month to go!


  1. Nice self portraits and the hands say it this time!I love the cucumber beetle and your photo done as a sketch at the end! Yes, one more month to go. It's been quite a journey, hasn't it?!

  2. Ohhh Cathy, your post moved me to tears but they are happy tears though. Thank you for your sign and I will send my love back to you.

    What an accomplishment, just one more month to go, Yes I'm sure you make it!

    I enjoyed all your pictures, so beautiful.


  3. Nice post! The self portrait is great!

  4. I learned sign language when my kids were young, and my daughter (now 40-something) and I still wave "I love you" to each other. I loved all these images of your hands. That leaf is amazing! It's so big that it seems like it must be some sort of trick photography! And the photo of you is wonderful - a nice composition, and I love the sketch treatment.

  5. Fabulous post, Cathy! I'm glad you enjoyed the self portrait thing...I lost interest and could not get going with it again.

    This theme of what you hold in your hands is so creative. And the processing on that last photo is perfect.

  6. Such a good idea to focus on your hands! I love how you are the gopher! Me too! I am also lucky that my husband can do so many things around the house! I've had years of gopher practice!


  7. I knew your waive but didn't know you had been doing it that long.
    The leaf with the frost on it was so beautiful. Glad to receive your blog today. Always enjoy it.

  8. cathy, a lovely post. you got some creative shots with your hands. thanks for linking up--see you next month!

  9. Congratulations to you for reaching the finish line of this year-long project. I so admire the work that you have done - especially because I haven't built up the courage to do something similar. Love your hand shots and the stories that go with them. And your pencil sketch image. Had to smile at your being the "gopher" - I've played that role myself :)

  10. great, great shots! i so love hand shots. they tell so much about who we are and what we do and what we love.

  11. Such a lovely post, your photos are wonderful, I love them all


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