Thursday, December 13, 2012


I'm sure you're all aware that yesterday was 12/12/12!  How could we miss that fact, it was all over the news and the Internet!  There were weddings, celebrations, and special attention given to babies born on this date. Never again in our lifetime will we see these numbers line up!  It won't happen again until 12/12/3012!!  The date numbers won't line up at all until 01/01/3001!  I guess we'll be missing those parties!!  It's kind of neat that I was alive for the number line ups that started in 2001! Okay!! Enough about numbers it's confusing my brain!!  I took this picture yesterday at 12:12 p.m. Sorry about the bad photo!! I didn't think of taking this until the last minute and I only had a minute to take it!!
It's funny, I can't remember numbers! Give me a number and ten minutes later I've forgotten it! I am fascinated with numbers though. I love that numbers mean special days, like birthdays and holidays! I love their shapes and special combinations. Numbers are everywhere!!

I decided to treat myself to a holiday yesterday!  I had plenty that needed to be done laundry, finishing some ornaments I'm stitching, and wrapping gifts. I just put that all aside and took a day off from the holiday hustle and bustle. I took the time to just play with my camera and take pictures of my holiday decorations. I picked out 12 to give you on this 12th day.

Did you do a little something special yesterday?


  1. Your holiday decorations are beautiful!

  2. Love that you took is as a holiday - why didn't I think of that?! Love all your decorations and how you've photographed them, so pretty. The candy cane and pretty bokeh is just lovely.

  3. So you made it a special holiday for you -- what a nice idea! I like your time images and your montage of 12 photos -- so festive! I took a dozen (actually more) photos yesterday too to chronicle the day. Fun!

  4. Beautifully captured. I love your numbers images, especially the tape measure. And your holiday collage is full to the brim with Christmas cheer.


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