Monday, December 17, 2012

It's All About The Shape!

The sun hasn't shown much around here lately. I really wish it would come back! The cloudy days make the world more bleak and stark.  There's very little color to photograph, so I looked for the next best thing...forms and shapes. I found that forms and shapes are my muse!  Well, plus macro shots, that is!!  When the leaves are gone and the flowers are gone the shapes magically appear!
Seed pods are a favorite of mine!  I've been amazed at the different shapes and sizes of these little seed bearers! I can just image the seedpod slowly opening and its seeds being scattered by the wind or animals assuring us of their return next spring.

Sometimes I find ball shapes or...

elongated shapes or...

fuzzy shapes.
Each not very colorful, but amazing
in it's texture and beauty.

I'm captivated by the curls, shapes, and textures of the drying leaves. Each one so different and unique.

Even the dried flower is gorgeous
and graceful as she bends her head.

I always count it a special day when I find a little heart-shape in nature. I've heard them called "little love note from nature."  They're always a surprise that causes me to gasp and makes my heart beat a little faster!
Take time, notice the small things and enjoy!!


  1. I'm right there with you on the dreary. Yuck. I looked at weather channel (this was a huge mistake) and see rain, clouds, rain, snow showers, rain, rain and more rain on the horizon. Give me sunshine. Hope your forcast is better.
    Thank you for the concrete thought of shapes. Why didn't I think of that. Perhaps we instinctively do that, but putting it forward in the mind is a great idea. My favorites are the last three you found. I sometimes find heart shapes stones at the beach-but never a vine. Well spotted. Wishing you sunshine today or if not, tomorrow-barring that-shapes. : )

  2. You have captured some lovely shapes, Cathy!

  3. Well, your muse is teaching you well....these are lovely macros. I love that you are finding hearts in nature! Yes, there is beauty in the smallest things.

  4. You do have a real talent at finding and capturing amazing shapes in nature - it takes a certain eye to do so. I love the way you composed the image of the dried flower head - the bend of the stem going out of the frame. You capture so much texture and detail in your macro shots. And then there is the surprise of the heart - how special and lovely!

  5. I love to come here and see your photos. You have such a good eye for these tiny details and you capture them so beautifully. I like your idea of looking for shapes. I think I may try that and be more deliberate about seeking them out. Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Love the texture in your photos, Cathy! It is indeed a marvel how much there is to notice when we focus our lenses on nature.

  7. These are wonderful, Cathy. Such lovely shapes but I also love the way the tones all harmonise, and those beautiful textures too.

  8. gorgeous shapes! beautiful pictures!


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