Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ May 12

Some weeks I have to dig a little harder to complete the prompts! This was one of them. I struggled to find something that I was pleased with. Then, at the last minute, it all fell in place!

Our prompts were:
close up
with mirror

This prompt was hard for me since I live in the country where there are very few sidewalks. Yesterday, on the way home from my daughter's house I stopped and took pictures of a beautiful Victorian home that was built in 1904. This is the brick sidewalk that leads to the front door.

The beautiful flowers of spring inspire me, especially the wild flowers!

A beautiful clock in my daughter's home.

Close Up
Coming home from my daughter's I stopped at several antique shops. I love glass door knobs! They're so beautiful and usually have a star in the center. I remember the glass knobs in my grandmother's house.

With Mirror
The first bloom on my Easter Lily plant was broken off by either a squirrel or the wind. I brought it in and took this image with a mirror!

I love searching for the prompts, even if it takes me all week!

Happy Mother's Day to you!!


  1. Beautiful collection - I especially love your last shot!

  2. All of these are wonderful, Cathy, especially that very last one. You really know how to photograph flowers.

  3. oh the MIRROR image of the flower is amazing. I need to try that sometime. those dorr knobs are gorgeous.

  4. What a great idea! Why didn't I think of photographing a flower on a mirror? Beautiful picture. Love your inspiring shot as well. I had a hard time with sidewalk too because it did not seem like an interesting thing to photograph!

  5. I had such a hard time with mirror. Your straightforward approach is gorgeous! Why didn't I think of that?! :) it is so interesting to look at!

  6. Wonderful group this week. I especially like the grassy sidewalk (got character) and your lily in the mirror is lovely. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  7. Love the doorknob - such attention to detail. Great patterns and textures that you have captured. And the mirror shot - amazingly lovely - getting to see the flower from all sides - it looks like a magic trick.

  8. So very cool all of them! Love the different shots that are antique sidewalk, time and close-up. Mirror is PERFECT! Flowers are cheerful and inspiring:-)


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