Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby, It's HOT outside!!!

Memorial Day is traditionally the first day of summer. The community pools open, barbecue grills are dusted off, the first lemonade of the season is made, and cold watermelons are cut.  Families are thrilled! The rigors of school are over, or almost over, and vacation plans are being made.

There are some of us though, that don't look forward to this season; who don't like the heat and humidity! I'm one of those! I won't go on a tirade against summer. Just believe me when I say I'll be glad when it's over. Give me winter any day!!

As I write, I sitting on my swing in the early morning watching a pretty bluebird and the antics of several squirrels. I can hear the clanging of the chain on my swing, birds singing out a welcome to morning, and the pulsing of our water sprinkler.  The sun is rising and so are the temperatures.  We're already 4" short on rainfall with record breaking temperatures! When you look at the photo below, you're not seeing smog or fog, this is Arkansas humidity. So thick you can hardly see the sun this morning!

I'll stay out here for a little while, relaxing and enjoying nature. This is my time. Time where nothing interrupts and my mind wanders. In a few minutes I'll be sweating and headed inside to look for something to do. Maybe I'll piece some quilt blocks. My sewing machine is under a window. For the rest of the day, I'll just have to be content to look at the beauty of summer through the window while listening to the welcome whir of the air conditioner!

Enjoy your day today!!
Inside or out??


  1. Thank God for air conditioning! I love your morning photo, I can just feel the heat and humidity! We are enjoying moderate temps for a few more days, before we go back to high 90s and 100 degrees! Of course, it's a dry heat and a bit more bearable, but I stay inside during the hottest part of the day. Stay cool!

  2. I understand you completely! Here in NYC the humidity so bad and the high temperatures....pfff. I stay inside for as long as I can, curtains closed, fan on high and try not to do to much that causes sweating, ha ha. Hang in there Cathy! Beautiful photos by the way, I could use a pool right now!

  3. Funny how the older we get summer doesn't hold for us that wonder and charm anymore. I can't take much above 80 and I can never handle humidity, my feet swell and I just hate it. Great summer photos, love that cute little smile

  4. This made me laugh Cathy, sounds just like me. Enjoying nature from inside by the fans we have going on. I don't like the high heat but a nice mild 75/80 is ok with me. The heat tires me out and makes it harder to run and play with the kids. That's why Fall is my favorite season, it's just right most of the time. We need some rain also, our garden and flowers could use a good shower on them.

    Enjoy the cool of your house and know that summer will be over before you know it.

  5. We had several really hot days, but it has cooled down. Now if it would just rain.

  6. Well, Cathy, this is where we differ! I love summer! (and I live in an oven!) and I hate winter! (and it barely gets cold here!) I love the sights and sounds and smells of summer. Everything is alive and green and blooming! In winter everything is dead and grey. There's beauty in that but the monotone of it gets old. I am a colorholic!

    Your dandelion looks so pretty!

  7. Cathy - I completely agree with you about humidity - thank goodniess for climate control. But I have to say - that Arkansas humidity did something pretty wonderful for your dandelion image - fabulous!

  8. The weather has been crazy around here! I really prefer spring and fall, but will sweat through the summer since I have no choice. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Beautiful dandelion shot!


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