Monday, May 21, 2012

Macro Monday ~ May 21

My Day Lilies are blooming!

Each morning, they open their blooms,
face the sun, and reach for the sky.
They could be sad that they only have a few hours
to shine before they close, wither, and fall.
It doesn't seem to bother them though.
They are eager to share their beauty with the world.

We need to approach life this way.
We need to realize that each day is a gift from God.
We need to celebrate and shine each day...this day!
We need to spread a little love and joy to others.

Time is short, for us and the Day Lilly.
Don't waste yours on worry, regrets, or fears.
Live today, enjoy today
Shine every single moment!!

It's been so hot, I turned on the sprinkler to give them a much needed drink!

Ah!! The beauty of water drops!

Day Lilies Haiku
by Cathy H.

Apricot flowers
Glorious only one day
Blowing in the breeze



  1. Beautiful macros of those lovely lilies--one of my favorite flowers. Mickie :)

  2. Wonderful thoughts to go with wonderful pictures

  3. The daylilies we got from you aren't blooming, yet. These photos are so beautiful, and the application you made was a much needed reminder. Now, when mine do bloom, I will think of what you said. Thank you.

  4. What a lovely, lovely post. I love your haiku and your day lily shots are wonderful!!

  5. Cathy - you have certainly outdone yourself with this post - full of glorious images and amazing words. Great haiku - one of my favorite poetic forms. Your shots of the water droplets are fabulous. That intense orange against the dark greens and the tiny upside-down reflections - magnificant!

  6. Beautiful macro shots. Love the petals with water droplets and love your words too.

  7. Gorgeous details and bokeh in these macro images.

  8. Oh Cathy, what gorgeous photos and sweet words today. I loved reading that and will need to copy it down to remind myself. Right now I'm blessed so much for all I have in my life and trying to rememember each day to just soak it up. LOVE LOVE that you took pictures of the sprinkler watering them, how fun they turned out.

  9. Daylilies make me homesick for New England, where I grew up. Your images are just beautiful -- I especially love the wet flowers, the droplets are so pretty. Your words are very wise and important to remember.

  10. What gorgeous photos. I especially love the ones with water sprinkling.


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