Saturday, May 26, 2012

{in the picture} ~ May

May has been an extremely busy month! I didn't have time to plan any shots for this month's {in the picture}.  I just grabbed the moment when I could.  Each month Christy gives us a suggested theme that we can use if we'd like. It helps to keep us thinking of new ideas for our self portraits. This month's theme was "big world, tiny you."  One morning when I was watering my shade gardens I thought, this will work for the theme. My shade gardens have azaleas and hostas in them. I have a total of about 30 azalea bushes in all colors. Sorry to say, they've already finishing blooming this year.

I also helped Mr. H mow the yard this week. I put my straw hat on and was ready to get started!

As I was traveling this month, I stopped in Yellville a small Arkansas town. I love to take pictures of historic buildings, they intrigue me. Not only do I love the structures, but I love to read about their history. This building is the Marion County Courthouse which was erected in 1905, and then modified from the burned-out shell in 1943-44. There are several historic buildings in Yellville. You can see another behind me in the reflection in the window.

If you read my blog you may recognize this picture. I've edited it a little differently than the one I used for my black and white class here. I took this on Mother's Day in the restroom of a frozen yogurt place. I liked the mosaic mirror. Since the wall behind me is a neon green and not very becoming I converted it to black and white and added a texture!!   Trust me, it's better in black and white!!

That does is for May!
I can't believe I'm keeping up!!
I've still been taking four self portraits a month!
I must admit, it is a tad bit easier than it was in January!!

In The Picture


  1. Your self portraits are wonderful. I love your garden. My word, but it's huge! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  2. fantastic work! Keep it up!!
    I especially love your first photo - it's so peaceful and green. I love green. :)

  3. You have a beautiful (big!) garden, and i love the shadow shot of you & your hat.

  4. Great photos, I love the first one, it illustrates this month theme so well. Keep it up, your self-portraits are fantastic

  5. you really got some wonderful shots this month cathy! i love that one in the mosaic mirror--it's so cool. glad to see you've been keeping up...and it's even getting easier for you :) thanks for linking up at {in the picture}.

  6. You are really on top of this, Cathy! I still need to get March mosaic posted!
    My favorite is the shadow picture. It's just so sassy! I love it!


  7. Love the attitude in your shadow selfie! You look like Annie Oakley, ready to shoot better than the boys.

  8. Love your selfies, Cathy - and yes, I agree they get easier with time! You did a great job with this month's theme and I love your capture in the restroom (I seem to take a lot in restrooms, too!).

  9. Good job, Cathy! You managed to do so many interesting selfies. I love the shadow one too -- the body language is great!

  10. Great work for May! I love that shadow photo and the mosiac mirror. Nicely accomplished for {in the picture}

  11. i love your comment about the mirror! okay - i'm trusting you because i love it in black and white! these are great shots...and hey - congratulations on keeping up with your goal! :)

  12. Lovely set of images, I adore your shadow shot with the straw hat. Love the shot of you in your garden too. Great job.


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