Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - February 5

This week has really flown by!  It's time to link up again with Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I didn't seem to be as creative with these prompts. Maybe the rainy weather that we're have is dampening my creative spirit!!  Most of these I took all in one day, taking advantage of the sun.

This week's  prompts were: strike a pose, footwear, hobby, shiny, and color me green

strike a pose

gramma's and grandson's play shoes

No doubt about this one.
My current passion is photography!!

I'm stretching it a bit - sun shining on drops of rain make shiny bokeh.

color me green

 Hope you enjoy each moment of this week!


  1. Color be green was great. All those shades of green in one little leaf. Yes photography is your hobby and you do it well.

  2. Cathy, I think your "stretch" for shiny is actually my favorite!

  3. Like them all but the shiny and colour me green are faves!

  4. Love the shiny shot best - though the footwear shot is cute too!

  5. What a great collection - I especially love your last three shots.

  6. Very well done series. - Oh my your Shiny was wonderful and not nearly the stretch that mine was. Loved the Color Me Green and Strike a Pose shots.

  7. I completely understand the impact this crazy weather is having on spirit-dampening - been experiencing that myself! Love the bokeh in your shiny shot. And your shadow pose!

  8. I love the fuzzies on the leaves. They look so soft. The boys really loved your pose photo! "It's Gramma's shadow!" Reminds me of Peter Pan!


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