Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Going For A Saturday Drive

I'm not much of a planner, I like to do things on the spur of the moment!  And, that's what I did Saturday. I threw my camera in my bag, well, not really threw it, I placed it lovingly in my bag, grabbed the car keys and went for a drive. No destination, just turned when I wanted to and followed my instinct. Instinct didn't fail me, it led me to several pretty places. This pretty little pond was on private property, so I just pulled to the side of the road and took a picture. A nice place with the house all tucked up in the woods and the pond. All it needs is a few ducks.

As I kept driving I noticed this field with jonquils blooming and a barb wire fence. Those three things combined drew me right in. I found a place to park the car and walked back up the road to take a few pictures. It's amazing how I see things differently now. A year ago I would have never noticed how long the limb is on that tree...

or the shadows of the wire on the fence post.

I also noticed two straight rows of Jonquils. I would guess this was once an old home place with the Jonquils planted on either side of the walk to the front door. The rest of the Jonquils were scattered about, but these were just perfect rows. I wonder how old the flowers are and what happened to the home.

After driving for a while down the country roads I found another small pond. Can you tell I like water! This one was in a small housing edition and had a fishing dock. The noon day sun was shining creating beautiful sun flares on the water.

I turned around, looked down, and this is was what was staring up at me. He is rather strange looking! Maybe this is were they get the expression "strange duck!!"

He's a Muscovy duck. Pretty friendly actually, although he does give you the eye and raise his Elvis hair.

He kept taking deep breathes, huffing up, opening his bill and.........nothing came out; no sound at all!  I've read that the drake has a low breathy call. It must be very low because I didn't hear a thing!!

He did a little swimming while I was there. Ducks always look so peaceful to me as they slowly glide across the water! It's like magic that they can stay afloat so easily!

Of course, I couldn't leave until I'd snapped a few macro shots of dried seed pods and some type of pollen pods, I think!

I was pleased with the places I found!  While I'm talking about places let me mention that Kat at Kat Eye Studio has a new class that will begin in April called "A Sense Of Place"  It sounds very intriguing, you should go check it out. I can't wait for another challenging class of hers!!

I saw this quote today and thought it rather fitting for this post.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." ~ Dorthea Lange

I hope you find some place special today where you can relax and just breathe, even if it's only for a few moments!!


  1. Your photos and the story of your little adventure are wonderful, Cathy! I really enjoyed reading this and "traveling" with you.

  2. What fun! A day of exploration - and what treasures you found. I really love the way you composed that first shot - with the trees leading you into the image and the amazing stillness of the water. It was like a mirror! Simply beautiful.

  3. I love this serie, I can see you have had fun driving after your nose, hope the weather is good and good is when its only dry tommorow to have a drive myself.

  4. What fab photos but I love the twinkly water pics. What lovely places you found! Suzy x

  5. That sparkly water is soooooo beautiful!

  6. What a day. I think I will do that Sunday afternoon. I love the sun flares on the water. The long limb and the shadow of the wire are making you so aware of your surroundings. I always wonder also about what was there and what happened that now it is gone. Glad you had a great outing. The duck is really strange looking I kindof feel sorry for him, he will never be a swan just a different looking duck.

  7. These are all so terrific. I am jealous of all the people posting spring bulbs. Living in the city, we just don't get that kind of spontaneous beauty. Great macros too.

  8. Cathy, I really enjoyed going on your Saturday drive with you this evening. It's been snowing here since bedtime last night (it's dinnertime now) so your glimpses of spring were most welcome!

  9. this is just great cathy! gorgeous photos as always (sparkley water!!!) and a reminder that a fun adventure can be as simple as an afternoon drive. thanks for sharing!

  10. How lovely, thank you for taking us on your drive with you! Love the sparkles on the water and the shadows of the wire especially. Great quote too - it's so true.


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