Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Picture Inspiration

It's just unbelievable that one whole year has passed since I began a photo/prompt class with Big Picture Classes called Picture Inspiration!  I've taken this class with a group of wonderful photographers. According to Tracey, our inspirational leader, there was a total of 894 photographers and 9,069 photos posted. The inspiration from this group is just amazing and the friendships I found have been so special.

I'm celebrating that I DID IT!! 
Although many of the prompts were hard,
I persevered and did it!!

 I want to share just a few of the images I posted.
As you can see my favorites are of nature!

 52 weeks later, it is the end! 
I'm missing the weekly prompts.
I'm missing the inspiration.
I'm missing the encouraging comments.
I'm missing the special friends I've made.

But, on the bight side...
I belong to a flickr group with many of these lovely ladies!
We get prompts each week and we stay in touch!

Also, Picture Black And White will begin very shortly!
I  just read that registration for the class will begin March 8
and the actual class will begin May 3.
I'm so looking forward to another class with my friends.
If you like photography, you ought to join us!!
Just click the button below to check out all their classes.
There are so many different ones, not just photography.

Until then, I'll just keeping clicking away!!



  1. Cathy, the images you created for this class are beautiful. I'd say it's not The End at all, but a wonderful way station on your photographic and creative journey.

  2. oh cathy! i am in BPC withdrawals! :) LOL i am planning to take the BPC b&w class - hoping to see you and the other lovely gals there! :)

  3. Congrats on completing a years-worth of prompt inspiration! Your collage is an amazing tribute to your growth as a photographer throughout the year.

  4. Love that you put together a collage, good for you. See you in May for sure!

  5. Well done for doing all the prompts! Love your collage of pictures, just beautiful. Look forward to seeing what you come up with for the b&w class - and outside it of course as well! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  6. Great collage, so colorful, look forward to see what you do with black and white, can't find anything about it yet. But should keep my eye's open. In may you said?

  7. Way to go! It sounds and looks as if you truly enjoyed this year with this class. Your photos are wonderful. Will be looking forward to seeing many more to come as it's "never the end"


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