Thursday, February 1, 2018

52 Weeks of Nature

In an attempt to make sure I get out and about more this year, I am challenging myself to take and share fifty-two nature photos; one each week. I have a very loose collection of prompts that will start me thinking and looking each week. I can follow the prompt or do something entirely different depending on my situation.

I realized this past year that classes and rigid prompts seem to be stifling my creativity. Don't get me wrong, I always learn a lot from classes, but what little time I had for photography seemed to be looking for photos that fulfilled the class or prompts. I need to get back to wandering; to letting the photos find me. So this year (unless I change my mind when a really good sounding class comes up) it's all about going out and capturing nature.

If you scroll back up to the top of this post you can see the tab for the new page I've created for this challenge. Each month's photos will be in collage form, so I won't have so many pictures on the page.

I'm really enthused about this year. I have missed my wanderings!

“I don’t plan to photograph certain things,
I come across them.
I enjoy catching certain moments.
I tend to react to what I find.”
~ Saul Leiter


  1. I kind of think that it doesn't really matter so much what the project is, but that it gets you excited. This sounds like a fund photo project and if you're enjoying it, it will get your creativity flowing and make you want to learn more by getting out there and doing it. The leaf in the ice makes for a very interesting capture!

  2. What a beautiful capture, Cathy, of this leaf under the ice. The textures are gorgeous! I shall look forward to your weekly photos of nature as they are also very close to my heart, as you know!
    I know what you mean by classes. They are helpful in so many ways and challenge us to see things we may not normally notice. However I also enjoy the freedom of discovery on my own. I very much like the quotation by Saul Leiter.
    Happy Wanderings, Cathy!

  3. Awsome, Cathy! This is tailor-made for you.

  4. This is a wonderful start to your photos of nature journey, Cathy. Your plan sounds like a great idea; we are too often blocked by the busy-ness of life to just let things take their course. Good luck to you!

  5. It is such a fine line between discovery and intention. It is always a dance. Excited to see your 52 nature photos though and the stories behind them.

  6. Cathy, this project sounds perfect for you. I know what you mean about classes and prompts, and I'm stepping back a bit from them this year. While it can be fun to look for something to fulfill a prompt, my own photography "style" is that of the quote above. I'm looking forward to seeing where your wanderings take you over the 52 weeks of 2018.

  7. I always love reading of new projects and the excitement that it brings. I love your idea of a weekly nature photograph. The one for this week is perfection...and could have so many analogies connected to it. I will look forward to seeing what you capture each week...


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