Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oklahoma Here We Come

It wasn't the perfect weather to begin a road trip. It was raining as we headed out in Old Red to the beautiful state of Oklahoma. 

Each year we attend the Lawn Chair National Street Rod Show in Wilburton. Getting there is half the fun. We travel with a group of friends, all in old vehicles. My favorite part of traveling is seeing the children's faces as we pass by or as they pass us on the interstate. They're always grinning and waving. I like to think we've brightened their road trip a little.

We arrive in town, check into our motel, and head out to Wooldridge Ranch home to the HOUSE OF PACKARD. this year we were greeted by a "just married" scary couple and beautiful autumn decorations.

Mr. Wooldridge has the most amazing shop where he restores and keeps his vintage Packard automobiles. I've never stopped to count how many cars he owns, but there are many and they are beautiful. His shop will blow your mind. It's huge. He even has a second floor filled with automobiles complete with a car lift for getting those cars up there.

We wander around his shop and showroom and then he feeds us hamburgers and hot dogs and delicious cobblers. I understand he fed over 800 people that night, free of charge! He also sponsors the car show which is also free to enter.

We're always among the last to leave. We relax after eating and enjoy the view. In the photo below that's Old Red on the right and our friend's car on the left. 

My favorite part is just before we leave when the sun starts slowly dipping below the horizon. Don't get me wrong I enjoy looking at the cars, but they can't compete with nature. The clouds cleared just enough for some beautiful color.

Our first night in Oklahoma was fun and beautiful. I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about the rest of the weekend.

One cannot go to Oklahoma without singing the lyrics from the Broadway musical Oklahoma! 

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
Makin lazy circles in the sky.


  1. Wow! That is amazing. So glad you get to go. Photos and info great, as usual.

  2. Sounds like fun, Cathy. Your "Old Red" is such a cool vehicle!

  3. Cathy, this sounds like so much fun. Your photos make me smile. I like that "Just Married" couple that greeted you on arrival. Those old cars are amazing. I love the hood ornaments.

  4. Oklahoma makes me think of that musical right away! What a great outing you had. I love Old Red, especially when I can see the lovely red colour like in that first photo! I love the swan decoration on one of the cars!

  5. I enjoyed your blog. I am glad you always have a good time.

  6. I love reading about your adventures and this is a special one...Love old red; would love to have one like it in the mountains....

  7. this sounds so fun AND because i went backward i know you had an amazing time!! Mr. Wooldridge, a kind and generous man, i would love to see his collection!!!

  8. And you say you never get out of state, this is beyond cool and I would love to see a full photo of big red. He looks like he is a handsome fellow. Love the newly married couple and the bokeh on the windshield. You are just way too cool and even the older folks I bet wave on the highway. An era gone by but still around. Have a ton of fun.

  9. I would love to be let loose in that Packard barn. Reminds me I should take a trip back to our vintage car museum one of these days.


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