Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Best Laid Plans

Some days no matter what you plan nothing seems to work out exactly right. Several weeks ago Mr. H won a gift certificate to a small boutique in a nearby town and gave it to me. I'm not a shopper, but I couldn't see wasting the gift certificate. Just the thought of going into the small boutique made me nervous, so the hour drive was stressful to say the least. I found the shop with no trouble. It was right on the main highway. I parked and then realized the shop was closed, not just for the day, but permanently. I'll admit I was relieved. I didn't want to go shopping anyway. 

Knowing that this small town had a historical downtown district I went prepared with my camera and a few notes. I usually love strolling by old buildings, but not this time. The main highway goes through the historical district; four lanes with lots of cars, log trucks, and large diesels. Not peaceful at all. VERY NOISY! I did find several ghost signs. The two on the Stewart Ice Company were the only ones I could read. The others were too faded. 

With all the traffic it was hard to get many picture of the buildings, so I concentrated on their windows. I love old windows. I love their shapes, the wavy glass, and peeking through them.

There were arched windows.

Windows covered with wire and . . .

windows covered with vines.

Windows with bars and . . .

windows with metal shutters.

Windows surrounded by colors and textures.

When I'd finally had all I could stand of the noise I headed to the Rockport Memorial Cemetery, which is on the National Registry of Historical Places. I expected a beautiful cemetery and it was. I expected it to be quiet and peaceful and it wasn't. They were mowing! 

The only thing that really worked out was where I ate. Now, if you're from the south and you want good barbecue you most go to a run down old place to eat. That's true!  The older the better. This particular cafe was in the back of an old grocery store. In 2000 the small neighborhood grocery was close to going out of business. Like everywhere else, people began using the big discount store that moved into town. To save their store, the Keeneys decided to open a cafe in the back. It seems that was a brilliant idea. The place is booming at lunch time. I was forewarned and decided to get there before the lunch crowd. It was everything I expected; a delicious chopped BBQ sandwich and a delicious cup of peach cobbler. I don't need fancy places to eat. Give me an old cafe and I'm happy.

Even if the day wasn't quite what I expected, it was still good to get away. I'm just hoping next time I go on an adventure, I can find a little piece and quiet!!


  1. You certainly found a good selection of windows, Cathy. I especially love that first one with the tea-pots in the window beneath the blinds! You had a good day out, even if it wasn't what you first expected. Letting go of our expectations really lets us appreciate things differently! You did well!

  2. Great job making lemonade out of lemons! And I love your blog redesign!

  3. I am glad it all worked out for you but that was one not so good trip to go shopping. You do have your adventures and I must say eating for me is always one of life's little pleasures. Plus if there is peach cobbler or any kind of cobbler I am there. :) I also like the new header. This should work out nicely for you.

  4. Sometimes those are most beneficial days, growth days, even if they are frustrating. Had one of those this week myself.

  5. Glad your trip wasn't wasted, Cathy--you got some lovely photos. I always enjoy wandering around cemeteries, too--sorry they mowing interrupted your peaceful moments, though... Like you, I am NOT a shopper. If I need something I almost always order online these days :)

  6. when i go on a photo excursion, bike ride, or hike in the woods, i like peace and quiet. it's funny how just a lawn mower can ruin things. it somehow running the natural element of things!! you captured some lovely pictures, i liked the display of windows, they are really pretty!!

    you did good and i feel you enjoyed it anyway!!!

  7. You DID have an adventure - just not exactly the one you had envisioned. I like all the photos that show the town's age and decaying beauty. The noise though - that would be hard to take. I'm glad lunch was a success!


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