Friday, May 29, 2015

A Little Of This and That

There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by without the storm clouds rolling in. They don't always bring rain, but this one sure did. Lots and lots of rain and very high winds. There was no damage to our place but there are a few broken trees in the area. With all the rains, I haven't been able to go on any photo walks and I miss them!  The only walking I get to do is around the yard. I'm desperately needing to get away with only my camera for some peace. In the meantime I keep telling myself that there's plenty of things around here to take pictures of, but it's just not the same. A day beside some moving water would be perfect!

As I've walked up the lane to check on my dad, I've noticed that the blackberries have begun to form. I can remember my mom making the most delicious blackberry cobbler. I don't know how she ever beat the birds to them, because I sure can't. Once they ripen, they're gone!

I don't have to walk far in the yard to see that the warm sun and the moisture has brought out the mushrooms.

This one reminds me of a tiny fairy house. There's a little door at the bottom, a couple of windows, and a jagged little roof.


I saw this small heart shape in the pavement which reminded me to love where I am and to be content. The rain will stop and things will settle down. I know they will. They have to!  

Maybe not this week or the next week, but someday, hopefully in the near future, I'll be going on a photo walk again; just me and my camera!

"Contentment has the ability
to squeeze out of every situation
all the good there is to get."
~ Shantidasa


  1. I hope to get out also- blast this rain! I've been watching the blackberries, I think they will be ripe here pretty soon also. Have a safe weekend and I hope the sun comes out for you.

  2. I know..We have had a lot of rain too..Catastrophic flooding in fact....Houston Texas...I am fortunate that my neighborhood and family is okay..We have more heavy rain in the forecast for this weekend :/

  3. Coincidentally, Aaron and I had a bedtime discussion about contentment tonight. Hope you get to take that walk soon!

  4. Oh my that cloud is awesome, I just read on another blog a quote so to speak and it said similar to what you are saying you really need to get out and take a walk. The quote was "photographs are all around you". This brought to mind in your above photos, yes it is nice to get out for a special walk with our lens but really all we need to look around us. A good reminder for me.

  5. what a great reminder Cathy to be content with what we have. hope you are able to get out soon!

  6. Those clouds look pretty ominous. I wish you some sunshine and good photo-walking weather very soon! That quotation is so good. You have definitely made the most of what you have - these are all wonderful images. I love the way you find hearts everywhere you look! Sending thoughts of comfort and peace to you today.

  7. Yes, it is certainly frustrating when the weather keeps us from getting out there, camera in hand. But I think you have done an amazing job of capturing the beauty that is around you.

  8. There's always something interesting to see - whatever the weather. You've done such a good job here of seeking out things to photograph. I see little fairy houses in those two mushrooms too! I love the leaf with water droplets against a backdrop of woven branches. Have a lovely Sunday, Cathy!

  9. This was a pleasant post. It's amazing what we can find just walking around our own yards or neighborhoods. Loved the mushrooms and the unexpected heart on the side walk.

  10. I always find myself smiling as I view your images!! The mushroom snaps are really beautiful....send some rain to the jersey shore, we really need it!!

  11. you most certainly have found wonderful things to photograph.
    we have very few mushrooms this year. i miss them, i look for them.
    more rain is forecast for tonight, so they might pop up yet.

    lovely photos.


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