Thursday, May 21, 2015

Be Still 52 - Weeks 48 and 49

Week 48

I will admit when I saw this exercise that included coffee/tea and change I immediately was not interested. First, I don't like coffee or tea. Second, I really couldn't make the connection of coffee/tea and change. They just didn't go together to me. You might find them together at a coffee or tea shop, but I don't go to either of those, since I don't like the smell of coffee or tea!

I like my photos to tell stories not just be an unrelated grouping of things, so it took a lot of thinking to come up with a theme. I finally focused on the change. I thought of my grandfather's change pouch that he always carried in his pocket. The coins in the picture were also his. There is a . . .
  • 1953 nickle which just happens to be the year I was born
  • "good luck" souvenir from the Josephine Tussaud World Of Wax In Hot Springs, Arkansas where he lived
  • token from Taylor Drug Company "good for merchandise"

I gathered up a a few other things a man might have around when he's reading the morning paper and drinking his cup of coffee. By the way, that's not coffee in the picture it's watered down hot chocolate.  

There is a story behind the newspaper. It's from the Sunday paper that featured my daughter's wedding photo. The paper is getting a little yellow around the edges. I'm not telling her age or anything!

I know I keep way to many things because of sentimental value, but there are times that I'm glad I have them.  I enjoy including props that touch my heart, even those glasses! They're a really old pair of Mr. H's. Why do we still have them??  Don't ask!!

On to week 49 . . .

We were challenged this week to think about stillness and go back through all the images we've taken for the class looking for those that spoke of still moments. I chose three. The first one was from the first exercise. It is still my favorite of all.

When I took the first one I wasn't even thinking of stillness. I didn't breathe. I was terrified. I was pretty new at choosing and setting up for a still life photo. Now, forty-nine weeks later,  I remember to breathe and enjoy the exercises. I no longer feel the pressure of being judged or pleasing anyone with my images. I choose what pleases me whether it be nature, sentimental objects, or just plain junk!


  1. Well done for all your still-life images, Cathy. I do love that first one with the old purse, the change and the newspaper. Imagine having a coin in that purse that was from your date of birth! Wonderful!

    That's so nice that you've hung onto so many old things from the past. I barely have as I just don't have the space. It's certainly missing for my still-life photography!

  2. Enjoyed your post. I didn't realize you had the coins. That is great. You are getting so good at the still life.

  3. It has been a real pleasure to be drawn into your sentimental and nostalgic world. I think you have been extremely creative in your response to the prompts and I have been continually amazed at the stories you come up with. Don't ever apologize for being who you are - your joy has shined through each image.

  4. Beautifully done through the year Cathy I have enjoyed this journey with you, you are a great story teller.

  5. You are very good at creating still lifes!

  6. well it works, you always make it work!!! it's nice, sometimes, to step out of your comfort zone and this makes you do that. i am a shore girl so my favorite is the starfish....but the birds nest is a very close second!!!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful, Cathy! I love your first Be Still photo, it might be my very favorite. And that's a lovely story about the tea and coffee prompt. As you know, I love tea. I love the smell of coffee brewing but I don't like the taste. Amazingly enough, I found and married a man who also doesn't like coffee. He's not much of a hot tea drinker but bring on the iced tea! Even for breakfast. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  8. I too like my photos to contain a bit of "story." I love your take on the coffee/tea/change lesson and the way you adapted it to your own tastes. I've found that the prompts I struggle with the most sometimes turn out to be the ones I learn the most from. Of your three "looking back" photos, it's the last one that made me catch my breath. I love the textures, the nest, the brown and green, the negative space...but I think it's that little spiral twig that's the perfect finishing touch.

  9. You never know when those old glasses can come in handy. Glen and I had to go to a fundraiser recently and the theme was 50's-60's rock and roll. Glen was so hopeful that his dad still his big black frames from that era, sadly he did not, it would have been great if he had.

  10. I loved reading the story of this picture Cathy! It made me smile, almost laugh! and though you weren't motivated with that prompt I think you've achieved a perfect picture, a simple and smart composition telling us several a stories, the story of the process of this picture and dear family memories, they all are behind the props... so clever and so creative!

  11. I like the fact that the headline of your newspaper is "Nothing But Blue Skies"! It has been a fun year to look back on!


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