Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Be Still 52 - Week 51

I don't know where this week went. I can't believe it's time to post another exercise of Be Still 52. This week's exercise was movement. Not capturing movement, but creating movement in our photos. We were to create a still life that caused the eye to move through the picture. 

I created a little scene with beads flowing out of a bottle and strings of beads in the background. It worked. Your eyes followed the trail of beads to the focus point and then follows the blurred beads out of the photo.  I must have arranged this ten ways and took many pictures and never really found one that made me happy. So I scraped the idea of setting up a still life and headed outdoors to see if I could find one.

I like this one better. Your eyes focus on the rose and then drift out of the picture following the blurred stems in the background. I'm not crazy about the mess of stems in the lower left corner. They seems to confuse the eyes a little. The rose in this picture is from my mom's yard. My mom took cuttings from my grandmother's rose bushes and began her own. These little roses smell like a rose should!

The last two were taken along the road I walk. You can't seem to go wrong with dandelions and I can't seem to quit taking pictures of them. I wish there were more light on them, but we've pretty much had nothing but gray cloudy skies for weeks.

I was never really satisfied with the pictures for this exercise. Maybe, when things slow down around here I will try this one again. 

Tomorrow we get our last exercise.
I wonder what it will be.



  1. I love roses that smell like roses should smell! It's true that a rose with a perfume is the ultimate pleasure!
    I think you managed this exercise well with your beads flowing out of a bottle, especially when I click on the photo to see it bigger. I love how the beads shine and how the bottle catches the light!

  2. can you believe it's been a year cathy?? i love all of your photos...i thought the still life shot worked beautifully...loved the color and movement int he beads! i too am ready for a good stretch on sunshine...it always makes photos more magical i think. :)

  3. I loved the bead and yes my eyes moved following all the beads. Roses are always special.

  4. I agree with Sandra about the scent of roses. I'm always disappointed with the ones from the florist...perfect blooms but no fragrance at all. I think your still life with the beads did fulfill the prompt very nicely, but I can also understand why you feel dissatisfied. I'm wishing you sunshine and time for a good nature walk soon. Even those dandelions look like they're tired of the rain!

  5. Your movement is totally gorgeous, love so much.

  6. flowers are always my favorite but for this exercise, i think you captured movement best with image number 1. it's really perfect!!!!

  7. I like that last one of the dandelion row - very inviting for the eye to follow that yellow path deeply into the image. Hope you get some sunshine soon.

  8. You are almost there and done, hurray for you! I have seen amazing change in your photography over the last year. Well Done!


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