Friday, May 8, 2015

Be Still 52 - Week 47

Many of the spring flowers have long gone;
the daffodils
the azaleas.
There are still a few things blooming right now;
the peonies
the roses.

Do you pick flowers and bring them into your home? When you do, do you find the perfect vase to place them in? This week's Be Still 52 exercise was to find unique vessels for our flowers. I thought about this for a whole week. Walking around the house and searching for anything that could hold flowers. Then I spotted an empty Coke can sitting on the counter. Why not? It holds water!

I began to gather things I thought would work for the shot choosing fun things with touches of red.

Not quiet happy with it, I decided to move one of the flowers and pull back a little bit. I have a tendency to fill the frame.

Check out these cool sunglasses. They were my daughter's when she was a teenager.  They're one of the sentimental things I was never able to get rid of. She loved her Coca-Cola glasses!

For one last composition, I took everything out but the can and the flowers. I like this. I like the simplicity and the cleanness of it. This turned out to be my favorite.

Lately, I haven't been able to do the exercise just once. so I kept looking and found a vintage lipstick holder that a dear older friend had given me. Although it doesn't hold water, it was perfect for a little romantic still life.

If you bring flowers into your home,
think outside the box;
put them in something unique.
They will brighten your day!


  1. Wow! that white peony paired with the red and white can is absolutely stunning! So, so pretty and inspiring ... I can't pick a fav but that "fill the frame" one is amazing ...

  2. Such a wonderful beautiful peony and love the coke glasses.

  3. These are all wonderful- I like the second shot best- pulling away really made the whole image brilliant. Love, love, love those coca cola sunglasses!

  4. Oh, my! I do love the Coke theme! What an inspired idea. Love, Cathy!

  5. Cathy, both of these ideas are brilliant and I love all the compositions. Oh, how your still lifes are shining these days!!! I love your creativity.

  6. I love the first shot, but I tend to be a fill the frame person too. That vintage lipstick holder is divine.

  7. I love all your images, Cathy and that close-up in the first shot! Fun Coca Cola glasses and what a wonderful straw hat! These images feel like summer!

  8. i actually LOVE to use random items as vases......even though i probably have a hundred vases. i am always on the lookout for unusual soda or water bottles, they function beautifully. and i always put my daffodils in a champagne glass, it works wonderfully for those long, leggy stems.

    the coke can was brilliant, and i think all the images are my favorite!!!

  9. Yes, brilliant ideas! I love the fun of the Coke can as a flower vase - it simply screams "summer" to me. Love the red and white theme. And your extra bonus arrangement - beautiful and imaginative.

  10. These were wonderful. I think my favorite though would be the one with just the flowers and the coke can. Those were some neat sunglasses.

  11. Too cute! and so creative! Love these flowers I a coke can!


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