Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Sundries - Edition 17

     Sarah handed me a package.

     "For Anna," she said. "And Caleb. For all of us."

     The package was small, wrapped in brown paper with a rubber band around it. Very carefully I unwrapped it, Caleb peering closely. Inside were three colored pencils.

"Blue," said Caleb slowly, "and gray. And green."

     Sarah nodded.

     Suddenly Caleb grinned.

     "Papa," he called. "Papa come quickly! Sarah has brought the sea!"

                                                      From Sarah, Plan, and Tall written by Patricia MacLachlan
                                                                            (My favorite children's book)


  1. How beautiful - this excerpt and your image of the sea - capturing the ocean colors.

  2. I recognized the passage right away as I started to read. Sarah Plain and Tall has brought the sea and you have captured it beautifully. My heart is so warmed at the memory of reading one of my favorites to my daughter long ago.

  3. What a wonderful passage. I love your photo of the sea, too.

  4. What a gentle, wonderful story! I'm so glad you shared. And I can't believe you're already up to #17. It seems like just last week you started this series ... Oh, my!

  5. Lovely quote & beautiful shot of the sea

  6. How very lovely!! Both the photo and the story.


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