Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Keeping It Simple

How many times have we wished for a simpler life, especially when everyday tasks seem to drag us down.  I sometimes think that the Amish or Mennonite sector have the right idea...keep things simple.  Get rid of the extras, the clutter, and the time-stealing pursuits we think are so important.  Well, maybe not my computer...I do really like to meet you here!

I'm just finishing a class, Keeping It Simple, with Kim Manley Ort. In her classes she encourages us to simplify not only our photography, but our lives. Our first lesson dealt with simplicity and minimalism. You know me, I look things up in the dictionary...just a fun habit of I looked up simplicity and minimal.
  • Bing dictionary defines simplicity as "a lack of complexity, complication, or embellishment."

  • Bing dictionary also defines minimal as "very small in amount."
To apply this to photography, I need to stop before clicking the shutter button and focus on what it is I really want to include in the photo; what is the subject, what will bring attention to the subject, and what needs to be eliminated.

I must say, I've taken several of Kim's classes, enjoyed each one, but for some reason this one really resonated with me. I finally "got it!"  I finally took my time and let my eyes discover what to photograph and my heart discover how to photograph it.


  1. That marble is just the best ever, love that and yes I would like a simple like with my computer and iphone and iPad please. :)

  2. Your images are wonderful and I always think about how it would be to live the life of a Shaker. I love simple, uncomplicated, clean... but why am I so addicted to computers, phones, cameras ...

  3. I have to go back and start at the beginning of this class. Having Mallory home and then vacation kind of messed me up but I did keep simplicity in mind when I was out shooting by myself.

  4. Well done. Your eye is really drawn right to that marble. Also I liked the strawberry photo.

  5. Lovely post. Simplicity is always something I strive for but rarely seem to achieve! Love your images here, especially the marble. Sounds like a great course. Happy weekend to you. :)

  6. It is kind of a mystery why it is so difficult to "keep it simple", isn't it? I think you have succeeded very well in these lovely minimalist shots. That marble looks like it contains a set of big red lips - better to enjoy those juicy strawberries :)

  7. I am ready for a slower pace so I can learn what you have learn. Less is more. Love the marble and the strawberries.


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