Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Finds and Randomness

Please excuse the fact that my FRIDAY FIND is from last week. After being on vacation at the beach, I was totally not inspired by anything around here and was too tired to go searching for photos.  I took a total of six picture this week and they were less than interesting.  While at the beach,  each morning I took a walk doing the normal touristy thing...looking for shells.  Along the side of the island we were on there weren't many shells that survived the rough water. Most were cracked or broken, which was all right with me. They had such interesting shapes and textures. I loved this little still life scene that nature set up for me to find and photograph.
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(the images are from last week...the thoughts from this week)

Always, always, always check to see if your memory card is in the camera before heading out. I confess...I did it...went to see Fort Morgan in Alabama got part way there and realized I'd left the memory card in my computer!  No worries though, my oldest grandson, Jake, is a budding photographer and he saved the day for me with his great pictures.

Not all the fun at the beach is in the water. Drew loves the water, but he spent a lot of his time playing in the sand.

There were some great waves for boogie boarding which made Josh really happy.

This was Aaron's first trip to see the ocean. He love the water, he really did, but his favorite thing was riding on the ferry to explore Fort Morgan.

We weren't sure how little Isaac would like the sand. It didn't take him long to figure out how to save those knees!

(image taken by Isaac's mother)

I hope by next Friday I'll be out and about taking pictures again.


  1. I know that feeling when you get back from vacation, there is too much to do and no creative juices left. Thankfully I have one more week here and then those doldrums will hit me as well.

  2. You got some marvelous beach shots! Real memory shots ... the best kind. And, yes, there's always a let down when we get home. Mine always hits me when I have to go to the grocery store. The one at the beach we go to every year has everything. Our hometown store ... ehh.

  3. Such a lovely series of your gorgeous grandsons, Cathy. Little Isaac is precious! Yes, that little shell still life is so pretty!

  4. Your Random #1 reminded me of the time I went on a photo shoot and forgot my CAMERA. I took my camera bag but the only thing in it was a spare lens! Fortunately, I had my iPhone and got some nice pictures anyway. Your candid kid shots are great! I can tell the grands had a wonderful time at the beach. And I love your little natural still life.

  5. My camera battery seems to die when I am right in the middle of taking pictures. You ended up with some great pictures though!

  6. Oh, I've done that memory card thing more times than I care to count! I have a spare in my camera bag and another in my car so I'm trying to prevent it from happening again. Your beach shots are wonderful! That little still life of shells is superb! And, of course, kids on the beach are always wonderful!

  7. I love how you look at things Cathy, even the mundane because interesting shots or what would seem mundane to me. I don't ever put my memory card in my computer for that very reason. I use my cord to transfer my images to my computer. I know I would do the very same thing. Love seeing all the grandkids.

  8. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! I forgot my card only once and once was enough. I think I should put a spare in my car like Terri does...

  9. Oh, you are forgiven :) Sometimes it is hard to return back to our "normal" world after being so inspired by something so different, like your sand and sea. Enjoyed seeing more details of your vacation fun.


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